Tips for Moving to an Apartment

Moving to a new apartment is an exciting experience. Whether you are a first-time or experienced renter, following a few guidelines can make the transition to your new luxury living space an easy and enjoyable one. Keep reading for a few tips that will make your moving day a less stressful event, and get ready to enjoy apartment living at its finest in San Francisco when you lease an apartment at Carmel Rincon on Howard Street.

Consider Your Technology

In today’s fast-paced, technological world, finding an apartment that suits your technological needs is a must. When touring any potential apartment or site, check that your cell phone has adequate signal. If you consider high-speed internet or HDTV options important, ask your leasing manager whether these features are available in your apartment. If you are unfamiliar with the area, also ask about the service providers that serve the area where your apartment is located. It’s helpful to know whether you will have only one choice for service or if you can shop around to find the best internet, cable, or telephone service package for your needs.

Measure the Space

Before you move, visit your future apartment to take as many measurements as possible. This step is important regardless of whether you plan to bring your own furniture or if you’d like to purchase new items once you move in. If you’ll be transferring your own furnishings, it’s essential to make sure they will fit through doorways and around corners to prevent hold-ups or the need to discard items that can’t be brought inside on moving day. When purchasing new items, ask how they will be delivered to ensure you know the dimensions of every piece. Don’t just measure the room where your items will be placed—measure hallways, staircases, and doorframes as well to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

Pack Necessities Last

One of the most common causes of moving stress is the inability to find essential items immediately after a move. With so many boxes yet to be unpacked, it can be easy to temporarily lose chargers, extension cords, tools, and even clothing or towels. Create a list of necessities and save these items to pack last in a specially-labeled “Priority Box.” These necessities should include a few sets of clothing, a set of sheets and towels, your computer and cell phone charger, any tools you may need to assemble furniture, medication and pet supplies if necessary, and scissors or a box cutter. Bring your Priority Box with you in your personal vehicle rather than leaving it to the movers so you’ll have all of these items immediately on hand when you need them.

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of renting a luxury apartment in San Francisco, visit Carmel Rincon’s website to learn more about our amenities and current specials, including $1,000 off your first month’s rent. We invite you to explore our floor plans and apartment pricing online to find the perfect living space for your needs.


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