Tips for Moving to an Apartment

An apartment is a place where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home. Before, during, and after your move, there are several steps you can take to turn your new apartment into the California living space of your dreams.

Downsize Your Belongings

Even a large, spacious apartment can feel small and cramped if it is cluttered. Before you move, sort through your belongings and discard or donate items you no longer need or use. Organize your belongings while you pack and have a discard box or pile to separate items you won’t be keeping from those you plan to take with you. Reducing the amount of material that must be moved will make the moving process much easier in addition to reducing clutter in your new home. One of the best rules of thumb states that if you have not used an item or gone looking for it in the past year, it’s likely something you can discard without missing.

Find Creative Small Space Solutions

Creative storage solutions maximize the space in your apartment by reducing clutter. End tables, coffee tables, and other flat surfaces tend to accumulate clutter, so furnish your new apartment with options that reduce the temptation to fill them up. Ottomans with hidden storage, tables with baskets placed underneath, and hooks on the wall for scarves, leashes, and keys are all excellent ways to eliminate common sources of apartment clutter. If you have unused kitchen cabinets, don’t be afraid to store non-cookware items in them to save space in other areas of your home. Freestanding bookshelves work as excellent space dividers while also providing much-needed storage for books, photos, plants, and decorative items. You can either purchase or make an entryway shelf and bench to provide a convenient place to store coats, umbrellas, shoes, and mail. Secretary desks make excellent workspaces that fold away to save space and hide papers or other clutter when it’s time to relax.

Personalize Your Apartment

The surest way to feel like you’re coming home to your new luxury apartment is to personalize the space. Leaving your décor at a minimum can create the feeling of living in someone else’s home rather than your own. However, many people leave decorating for “later,” and then never get around to it! Instead, consider decorating your new apartment as one of the first steps to take after moving day. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches such as art, photos, and area rugs to give your space personality. Curtains, rugs, throw pillows, and linens can create a colorful and energetic space where you feel rejuvenated and at home. In the kitchen and bathroom, work with the colors of your tile, counters, and cabinetry to pull the room together with added touches like flowers (real or fake), small knickknacks (don’t go overboard!), and towels or mats. You can also create individual style in a room with decorative functional items such as trash cans, soap dishes, and toothbrush holders.

Are you ready to enjoy a spacious, personalized loft space in Sunnyvale, CA? Loft House is Sunnyvale’s newest apartment concept, and we’d like to welcome you into our community! Visit us on the web to view our gallery and check out our floor plans to find out which space will best fit your lifestyle. When you’re ready to talk leasing options, contact us to find out how you can take advantage of one of our many current specials!


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