DIY Apartment Décor

One of the greatest benefits of renting an apartment is the opportunity to create a home with its own unique personality. Many home décor projects don’t need significant time, money, or carpentry skills to create a unique and comfortable living space that fits your personal sense of style. All you’ll need to personalize your Houston apartment is a little creativity and inspiration!

Create Visual Vignettes
Visual vignettes are small areas of your apartment devoted solely to décor. These spaces contain similar design elements that are often grouped according to a theme that appeals to you, such as books, candles, vintage items, or sports. The key to creating a visual vignette is to keep the area small and uncluttered. Start with a “blank canvas” such as a shelf, end table, or wall. Choose an appealing theme and find objects you would like to display. Interior designers recommend using the “rule of three” when creating visual vignettes: place three matching items, such as jars, books, or seashells on a surface or wall for display. The odd number of objects creates a more visually appealing layout than an even number or items.

Make a Gallery Wall
One of the best ways to display photos, posters, and other artwork is to create a gallery wall. Any wall in your apartment can serve as the backdrop for your gallery, but areas of high visual impact or large empty wall space are best. Hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways are all ideal locations for your gallery wall. Although the artwork you’d like to place on your wall doesn’t need to have a single theme, the key to tie your gallery wall together is matching frames. However, you don’t need to purchase exactly the same frame for each item, either—simply choose frames that are the same color (or paint them to match) to create a sense of flow. If you have photos or objects you’d like to display on your gallery wall but don’t want to hang them, consider adding one or more floating shelves to provide a display surface when necessary.

Add Drapes or Curtains
Drapes and curtains serve many decorative and functional purposes. These decorative elements add style, color, personality, privacy, and brightness control to any room. Hanging curtains is an excellent non-permanent way to enhance the décor in any room of your apartment, creating a completed look that improves upon the existing high-end finishes. Drapes and curtains are available in countless colors, fabrics, and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect set that matches both your style preference and the color palette you’ve chosen for each room. You can purchase new drapes for your apartment, or search through thrift shops and estate sales to find the perfect vintage items already infused with unique charm and personality.

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