Decorating Your Loft-Style Apartment

Loft House is Sunnyvale’s newest apartment concept, featuring wide open spaces, large windows, and modern architecture reminiscent of big-city lofts.  Whether your style is vintage, classical, eclectic, or contemporary, there are many ways to incorporate your tastes and personality into your new apartment space.


Maintain Your Open Floor Plan

Lofts are so appealing because they feature open and inviting living spaces. You can highlight these elements in your Loft House apartment by arranging furniture in a way that maintains your open floor plan. Try grouping your living room furniture around a central table, keeping the walls free to provide a walkway around the room. Use rugs and other stylistic elements to separate your larger rooms into smaller living spaces, such as a dining area, reading nook, and personal workspace. Don’t be afraid to use your apartment’s ceiling height to your advantage—work up rather than out, using slim but tall bookcases and floating shelves to minimize the amount of furniture you use at floor level. Consider mounting your television on the wall for a sleek, modern look rather than placing it atop or inside a bulkier media center.


Highlight Your Windows

Large picture windows are one of the most appealing features in any loft home. Choose window treatments that will highlight your windows without covering them up, such as roller shades or curtains that allow ample natural light inside. Use softer, lighter materials rather than heavy draperies—the latter will make your windows appear smaller and your space feel more cramped. Get creative and search for vintage curtains or fabrics that you can turn into curtains with real personality. Other ways you can personalize and highlight your windows include adding trim to your drapes or stenciling unique designs you’re your window shades.


Let Your Personality Shine

Regardless of your decorating preferences, make sure you let your personality shine through in your loft’s décor. Add personal touches such as framed vacation photos or family pictures on your ample wall space. Go ahead and display your collection of vintage teacups, baseballs, knitting needles, or other objects with pride. Glass curio cases make excellent displays for nearly any type of collection, protecting your belongings while maintaining the open feel of the room. Other excellent ways to personalize your loft’s décor include choosing colorful—even mismatched—towels, linens, and pillows for a more eclectic look. Consider checking out vintage or repurposed furniture shops to populate your living space with a unique collection of furniture that speaks to your specific style and taste.


You can discover the convenience and appeal of modern loft living in the heart of Sunnyvale when you make Loft House your home. We offer a variety of stylish one- and two-bedroom loft-style floor plans that emphasize square footage and stunning views. You can check out our apartment community’s comprehensive website or contact us for more information about availability and leasing today!


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