Utilizing Apartment Space Wisely

Regardless of the size of your apartment home, utilizing your space wisely will improve its aesthetics and cut down on clutter. Learning how to take advantage of space-saving solutions that also look great will create a functional and beautiful living space that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Organized Closets

Your apartment’s spacious walk-in closets provide the perfect storage solution for your wardrobe. Create different sections in your closet where you keep tops, bottoms, work clothes, and formal attire. Keeping your closet organized will cut down on the time it takes you to get dressed for any occasion. Hang as many items as possible to maximize the storage space available in your closet. Hanger extenders allow you to compress the space it takes to hang your clothes by hooking one hanger onto another vertically, rather than placing them side by side. If you prefer to store some clothing folded rather than hung, hanging wire baskets and organizers provide the perfect space for these items. Don’t forget to purchase a hamper to keep dirty clothes off the floor. A hamper with wheels can be moved to any area you like, offering a versatile storage solution for clothes awaiting laundry day.

Fold-Away Outdoor Living

Take advantage of your apartment’s private balcony and stunning San Francisco views with versatile fold-away outdoor furniture options. These items can be set up whenever you want them, but folded and placed to the side or kept in a closet when they aren’t needed. The ideal basic balcony setup includes a table and enough chairs for you and at least two guests; if you’d like more seating, add additional chairs as necessary. Choose furniture that is lightweight, features trim lines, and is easy to clean. If you prefer well-padded furniture but are concerned about storage, select cushions and throw pillows for your home that can be brought outside to improve comfort and enhance your outdoor living space.

Space-Saving Furniture

Some of the most popular furniture items on the market come with a secret: built-in storage to maximize your apartment’s limited space. Hollow ottomans, nesting tables, coffee tables with built-in display options, and expanding media centers are just a few of your many options when it comes to selecting great-looking furniture that saves space. Consider installing shelves specifically designed to utilize the “wasted” space in corners for a unique display that’s sure to catch the eye. Other space-saving solutions include using your furniture in a way that offers you more storage or performs multiple functions. An open-backed bookshelf can be placed in the center of a large room for a trendy storage solution that also acts to divide the space, while large ottoman can also double as a colorful coffee table when not in use as a footrest.

Did you know that every Carmel Rincon apartment is unique? Each apartment space features a distinct floor plan and stunning views of San Francisco’s Financial District, Bay Bridge, Ferry Tower, and more. We invite you to click through our website to explore our floor plans, amenities, neighborhood and more to discover how you can come home to happiness every day at Carmel Rincon. Contact us online if you’d like to discuss availability, move-in dates, or our current specials!


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