Maximizing Storage Space in Your Apartment

Loft-style apartments are defined by open floor plans, clean lines, and minimal clutter. Although life tends to generate clutter no matter how you try to contain it, a few simple tips can keep that clutter from overpowering the open loft design of your Sunnyvale apartment space.

In Your Entryway

One of the first places you should concentrate is your apartment’s entryway. While it’s best to minimize your clutter, a little bit of absent-minded mess will give your home personality. You can achieve the perfect balance of clean vs. clutter using a combination of small baskets and hooks to contain—but not completely hide—various items. Place a small table or chair beside your front door to serve as a landing pad for keys, mail, and other items. Keep clutter here contained with baskets or bowls that provide easy access but keep the surface of your furniture clean. Hanging a few hooks within arms’ reach of the door offers an organized location for items such as leashes, coats, hats, and umbrellas.

In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is another area of your apartment where it’s easy to accumulate clutter. You can maximize storage space in this room in a number of ways. Use over-the-door organizers or hooks to store cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and empty shopping bags, all of which can take up valuable drawer, cabinet, and counter space. If you’re short on cabinet space, use hooks to hang pots and pans within easy reach while reserving your cabinets for plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs. Small removable wire or wooden shelves can be used to double the available stacking space in your cabinets if you’re running low on flat surface area. You can minimize paper clutter in the kitchen with baskets, hooks, or a magnetized bulletin board where you can hang important documents, invitations, and recipes rather than spreading them out on your counters or table.

In Your Living Space

One of the best ways to maximize storage space and minimize clutter in your loft apartment’s living spaces is to utilize furniture with hidden storage. Hollow ottomans offer the ideal place to keep gaming accessories, DVDs, and CDs out of sight. Nesting tables can be stacked one atop the other when not in use, then pulled out to provide as much or as little surface space as needed when company arrives. Secretary desks, corner shelving units, and cubby benches are other great space-saving furniture items that offer extra storage or maximize areas of “wasted space” in your loft apartment.

If you’re dreaming of a large, open, modern loft-style apartment space in Sunnyvale, California, check out Loft House on the web or contact us to tour our community. Our spacious floor plans and luxurious community amenities make Loft House one of the trendiest and most appealing places to enjoy the sunny California lifestyle. You can also view our gallery and floor plans online to explore your living options


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