Choosing Colors for Your Apartment

Decorating your luxury apartment home involves more than selecting the right couch or set of shelves. Using color to create flow through the spaces in your home can tie every room together to give your apartment a sense of unity and coherence. Keep reading to find out how you can choose and coordinate colors in your Morrisville apartment to achieve the look you want in a comfortable, personalized space.

Use Your Favorite Colors

Your apartment is a place where you can let your unique personality shine through in the décor you choose to display. If you love bold, bright colors, don’t be afraid to use them throughout your apartment when choosing curtains, pillows, rugs, and accessories. Conversely, if you prefer neutral or earthy tones, there are many ways to utilize a subtler color palette without making your apartment feel bland or boring. Start by selecting a few of your favorite colors and assigning them to a certain room or space—remember that brighter colors create spaces full of energy and creativity, while cooler colors are best for bedrooms and areas where you’ll want to relax. Use one favorite color as your “central” color for each room, then try to tie your entire apartment together with at least one common shade. Even if you don’t have one shade that’s repeated in any two rooms, try to match the “style” of your colors—for example, using faded shades of each color or a cool- or warm-colored theme throughout your space.

Use Accessories

One of the easiest—and most fun—ways to add color to your apartment is to use accessories to make each space pop. The right arrangement of accessories can bring light and life to even the smallest or darkest corner, adding personality as well as color to your home. Throw pillows, rugs, artwork, statues, lamps, and window treatments are all excellent accessories that can be found in any color of the rainbow to add both color and visual interest to your apartment’s décor. Even if you can’t find the accessory you want in the perfect shade for your space, items such as statues, lamps, and furniture can be painted to match your color scheme. You can add colored trim to white or neutral-colored draperies to tie these into your chosen palette as well. If your room’s décor already includes a significant amount of color, consider using glass, metal, clear plastic, or white ceramic accessories to reflect rather than add further color to the room to avoid making the room look too monochrome.

The Bristol luxury apartment community offers brand new, stylish, and spacious apartment living options in Morrisville, NC. Whether you’re looking for an urban flat, two-storied loft, or carriage home with private garage, we have the perfect floor plan to suit your needs. Each apartment space features a variety of amenities and finishes you’re sure to love: washes and dryers, ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, kitchen islands, stainless steel appliances, and wood-style flooring throughout. Click through our website to check out our local neighborhood and learn more about our Preferred Employer Program!


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