Spotlight On a Beautiful Apartment Bathroom

Inside your Alta Heights apartment bathroom, you’ll find beautiful granite countertops and a spacious garden tub and shower to achieve the utmost in relaxation and luxury. With features like these, you’ll want to make sure your bathroom’s décor is tailored to show off these elegant amenities. Whether your decorating style is classical, eclectic, or modern, there are many ways to work within your bathroom’s space to create a beautiful and enjoyable room where you can relax and soak your cares away.

Add Greenery

Bring the outdoors into your bathroom with a variety of plant life. Plants add visual interest and color to any space, making it feel more open and relaxing. Hanging and wall-mounted planters allow you to conserve valuable counter space and create appeal by raising greenery to eye level. Large palms and ferns in wicker baskets or earth-toned pottery can also add a touch of nature to your apartment’s bathroom. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, don’t worry—there are a variety of fake plants that look and feel extremely realistic. Consider adding faux flowers to your bathroom space for a no-maintenance decorating option you can enjoy all year long!

Hang Art or Mirrors

Artwork is another excellent way to bring beauty into the bathroom. Rather than adding one large piece, consider creating a collage of smaller items to add personality to your bathing space. Focus on pieces with bright colors or brightly-colored frames to inject additional life and style into this space. Alternatively, hanging a collage of mirrors can reflect light and open up your bathroom even more, making it a bright and inviting space you and your guests will love to enter. Choose mirrors that speak to your personal preferences and decorating style, whether you prefer ornate and classical or sleek and modern design.

Add Storage

A bathroom that features clean, uncluttered counters, floors, and shower space looks more appealing and feels more comfortable. You can keep items from cluttering up valuable space in your bathroom by adding stylish storage elements that give the room personality. Repurposed crates, glass jars and vessels, and steel or wicker baskets are all excellent storage solutions that can be tailored to fit your bathroom’s unique style. Consider elevating items on serving platters around the tub’s ledges or creating an open storage area using a small stool, bookshelf, or table.

Bring In Color with Linens

One of the best ways to bring color into your bathroom is by choosing colorful linens. Select a color palette that is bright and reflective of your unique personality. Pattered shower curtains add texture as well as color to your bathroom space, while brightly-colored towels and rugs make the room feel light and airy. Coordinating the colors of your linens with a favorite piece of art or decorative item will help to tie the décor of the room together for a coherent and appealing look.

Alta Heights is pleased to offer luxury apartment living in Houston. Our residents enjoy spacious floor plans, high-end finishes, an upscale community clubroom, and a stylish beach-entry pool. We invite you to visit our website for a full list of all the amenities, features, and perks you’ll enjoy when you choose to live in the Alta Heights community. You’ll also find more information online about our neighborhood, leasing options, and current move-in specials. 


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