Getting Your New Apartment Organized

Your beautiful new living space at Waena Apartments features wood-style flooring, a private lanai, and beautiful countertops you’re sure to love. Once you’ve moved in and gotten settled, however, clutter and disorganization can easily detract from the look and feel of your Honolulu apartment space. Check out these tips to help you get your apartment organized—and keep it that way—so you’ll always have a clean, spacious, and orderly island apartment to enjoy.

Cut Clutter

Clutter can accumulate quickly, causing your apartment to feel messy and disorganized. Papers, keys, notes, and other small items often pile up on any available horizontal surface because they have no “home.” One of the first and easiest steps toward getting and keeping your new apartment organized is to cut clutter by finding a home for every object. Create homes using small baskets, hooks, and over-the-door organizers if you need additional space or storage, particularly in “clutter hotspots” where items seem to accumulate quickly. Avoid placing too many decorative items, knickknacks, toiletries, and small appliances on bathroom and kitchen counters, which minimize usable space and create physical and visual clutter. Choose only a few items to keep within easy reach, and put the rest away out of sight in cabinets or closets. Keeping objects off the horizontal surfaces in your apartment will ensure you have the chance to enjoy your beautiful solid surface countertops while helping your kitchen and bathroom to feel cleaner, more open, and more relaxing.

Tackle Your Closets

While disorderly closets can be tempting to hide behind closed doors, the mess inside doesn’t disappear simply because you can’t see it. A disorganized closet creates a place where important items can easily become lost, leading to frustration and wasted time as you search for cleaning supplies, linens, jewelry, shoes, or clothes. Tackle your closets one at a time, pulling everything out so you can see what’s hidden inside. Purchase a jewelry box or organizer to keep important items clean and safe. Shoe racks are an inexpensive way to organize a pile of unruly shoes, and they are available in freestanding, over-the-door, or hanging varieties. Make sure you have enough hangers to keep clothing off the floor, or use a bureau or bookshelf to store folded clothing and linens. A rolling laundry organizer can make sorting laundry a snap, allowing you to toss items into the correct bin immediately after wearing them. When organizing a closet full of cleaning supplies, a small tension rod can provide the perfect place to hang bottles of household cleaners, rags, and more. Small plastic tubs or shower storage caddies make excellent containers for cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous items, keeping them contained and preventing spills. Make sure each cleaning item has a label to make finding the solution you need even easier.

Are you ready to enjoy Hawaiian life to the fullest in a one-, two-, three-, or four-bedroom apartment at Waena Apartments? Our community features a variety of brand-new outdoor amenities, private parking spaces, and apartments that include newly-renovated interiors and spacious lanais. Click through our website to view our gallery and floor plans, or take a look at our local neighborhood with convenient access to Ewa Beach, Kapolei, and Kunia.


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