Apartment Organization Tips

A well-organized apartment creates a feeling of welcome and relaxation the moment you walk through the door. Although it can be challenging to keep your apartment neat and clean when you lead a busy lifestyle, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you stay on track in the battle against clutter and disorganization. Keep reading to find out how you can maintain an orderly apartment to enhance the look and feel of your Broomfield home.

Kitchen Organization

Your kitchen is one of the main activity hubs in your apartment, but keeping this space organized isn’t impossible. Use a bulletin board or magnetic message board to keep notes and important papers visible without taking up counter space. Store the majority of your food items and cooking implements in your pantry, drawers, and cabinets, keeping only a minimum of appliances out on your countertop. Maximizing counter space will make your kitchen look cleaner and feel roomier—not to mention provide the opportunity to show off your quartz countertops! Use risers in your pantry to stack food vertically, allowing you to see the labels easily while utilizing all the shelf space. If you’d like a place to store items such as cookbooks, a mug collection, or other kitchen-related items, consider placing a bookshelf or end table in your kitchen’s dining space for extra storage.

Bathroom Organization

The key to an organized bathroom is maintaining clear counter and floor space. Keep only a few items on your counter at once and don’t go overboard with countertop decorative accessories. Store unused items in your vanity or medicine cabinet to keep them out of sight but within easy reach. A small wire basket can contain items such as shampoos, soaps, and razors while looking neat and stylish on the ledge of your tub. Hanging or suction cup shower caddies are another great organizational solution to keep all your toiletries in one place for easy access while bathing.

Bedroom Organization

Under-the-bed storage bins are a great place for spare linens and out-of-season clothing, and you can hide your storage solution from sight with a bed skirt. Keeping your closets organized will also cut down on clutter in the bedroom by providing plenty of space to store clothing, shoes, and other accessories out of sight. A rolling laundry organizer will keep dirty clothing organized and transport it easily from your bedroom to your apartment’s washer and dryer. Hanging baskets, over-the-door shoe organizers, and double hang closet rods create additional storage space and help you maintain a neater, cleaner closet.

Garage Organization

Renting an apartment with a private garage offers you a variety of benefits. Your garage is not only a safe place to keep your car, bike, and other outdoor equipment, it’s also a great place to store out-of-season items to free up space in your apartment. Adding utility shelves to your garage is an easy way to create vertical storage space for items you don’t need to access frequently. Car care necessities, gardening tools, and holiday decorations can all be stored in your garage. Keeping items in clear plastic bins not only reduces clutter, but provides easy viewing so you can see what’s in each bin at a glance as well.

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