Interior Design Inspiration for Your Apartment’s Décor

Spring is a great time to refresh your San Diego apartment’s décor. Whether you’re looking to make a few simple changes or you’re ready for a complete overhaul of your decorating style, these interior design tips can help you make the most of your living space:

Bright Colors

Bright colors are a tried-and-true method to make a small space seem larger. There are many ways to incorporate a bright new color scheme into your apartment without breaking the bank. You can lay the foundation for a brighter, airier apartment by choosing a large area rug as the focal point for your living room. Group furniture around the rug while leaving plenty of space for foot traffic. Choose accessories such as vases, lamps, jars, and artwork that draw on the colors in your rug; sprinkling these items throughout the room will create a feeling of cohesion. You can carry your bright new color scheme into your bathroom and bedroom using rugs and linens such as towels, sheets, and throw pillows. Choosing lighter-colored furniture that meshes with your bright new color scheme will also enhance the open and inviting feel of every room in your apartment.


Upcycling is the process of reusing old items to create a new piece with even more value than the original. This form of recycling reduces the amount of materials that are discarded into landfills and can save you money by reducing the amount of money you spend on new décor. Some great examples of upcycling include turning old ladders and stepstools into shelves and planters, creating a kitchen table from old sawhorses and lumber, and repurposing old food containers or packaging into chic new storage solutions. Chalkboard paint can turn an old cabinet door into a message board or any container into a versatile and easily-labeled vessel.

Mix and Match

One of the pitfalls many apartment owners often run into when choosing a decorative style is the desire to make everything match. While it’s true that your apartment can benefit from a cohesive feeling of style, making everything too “matchy matchy” can actually detract from the look of your living space. In a room where everything matches perfectly, there is little room for your personality to shine through. Rather than concentrating on choosing matching colors and items down to the last detail, leave yourself a little breathing space to include personal keepsakes, photos, and other items in your apartment’s décor. Show off your collection of teacups, postcards, or baseballs in a unique way that complements rather than completely blends into your décor. Highlighting the things that make you unique will create an apartment space that is completely your own. If you don’t have many personal items or a collection to show off, never fear—there are other ways to mix and match your apartment’s style to create a comfortable and lived-in space. Choose one or two decorative items at odds with your overall style to bring in elements of contrast for visual depth and interest. Adding an intricately-framed mirror to your modern apartment or placing a few modern prints among your vintage art collection will create just the right amount of appealing contrast in your décor.

Are you ready to create a fresh new space in your San Diego apartment this spring? Carmel Pacific Ridge is a resort-style apartment community featuring luxurious apartment spaces where you can let your creativity shine. We are located on a hilltop offering panoramic views of the city beyond, including Mission Valley, Riverwalk, and the San Diego Bay. You can find out more about the Carmel Pacific Ridge living experience on our website


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