Checklist for Moving Into Your Island Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting event. However, moving can also feel stressful or rushed without the right tools to help you utilize your time wisely. Prior to your move-in date, creating a checklist of items to bring and tasks to perform can make the moving process easier and ensure nothing is forgotten. Keep reading for some helpful tips on creating a comprehensive moving checklist to make your move to Kalaeloa Rental Homes a smooth and easy experience.

Moving Tasks

If you plan to hire movers to help with your transition to a new apartment, don’t wait until the last minute to find help. Begin calling moving companies five to six weeks prior to your move so you’ll have time to compare estimates and schedule movers for a date and time that is convenient for you. At least four weeks before you plan to move, contact your current utility companies and service providers to let them know when you will be canceling your electric, water, gas, internet, phone, and other services. At the same time, contact the companies that provide service to your new apartment to set up your accounts. You should also file a notice of address change to ensure your mail will be delivered to the correct address after you move.

Moving Items

Boxes and tape aren’t the only items you’ll need to transfer items from your previous home to your new one. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress during a move is to label and organize your boxes as you pack them. Keep a permanent marker on hand to label boxes by room so you or your movers will know where to put them on moving day. It can also be helpful to utilize colored labels for each room to avoid mix-ups. As you pack, try to pack one room or area of your home at a time to avoid mixing items from different rooms into the same box. Keeping each box organized by room will make the unpacking process much easier. Other items you should consider for your move include a dolly to help with large boxes or heavy furniture, padded blankets to protect the edges of furniture from bumps, and a portable lockbox for important items. Store medical documents, insurance papers, bank information, and other sensitive documents or valuable items in your lockbox to ensure they are safely transported on moving day. A locking box will also prevent any unauthorized access to these items if movers, friends, or others will be coming and going from your apartment during your move. Pack yourself a suitcase or box that contains all the essential items you’ll need during your first few days in your new apartment. Include clothing, linens, toiletries, medications, electronics chargers, and plenty of snacks. If you have a pet, make sure to pack him a bag or box as well to ensure your furry friend is comfortable and safe after your move. Keep these bags or boxes in your car so they are not misplaced and remain within easy reach, allowing you to relax and enjoy your first night in your new apartment.

Are you ready to love coming home to Kalaeloa Rental Homes in Kapolei, HI? Our community features a variety of spacious rental homes in the heart of Oahu’s island beauty. We are located within easy travel distance to Ewa Beach, Pearl Harbor, and Kunia. You can learn more about us by clicking through our website to check out the fabulous features and amenities our residents enjoy. 


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