All About Wall Décor

One of the best ways to personalize your apartment space is to add décor to the walls. There are many options for decorating your walls, ranging from solely artistic items to functional pieces such as shelving, clocks, and corkboards. Keep reading to find out how you can utilize your walls to the fullest to create a comfortable and functional personal space at RockVue Apartments.

Artwork and Photos

Artwork is one of the most popular forms of wall décor. Your choice of artwork is extremely personal—you may select art for your walls because you like its style, color, or size. If you are an artist, consider creating and hanging some of your own pieces to further personalize your space. Choose frames for your artwork that suit both the print and your décor to help art blend seamlessly with the furniture and fabrics in each room. Photographs are another great way to add personality to your apartment. Today, there are many options for turning personal photos into larger prints or even canvas or metal wall hangings. You can hang larger photos alone to create a focal point in any room or group smaller photographs together to create collages. Hallways and narrow rooms are popular places to utilize multiple prints or photographic series. Textile art, such as rugs and tapestries, adds both color and warmth to your apartment. These items can be hung in a variety of places to soften the look of a room. If you’re looking to add depth to a room, consider hanging sculptures or three-dimensional artwork, such as shadowboxes or embossed tiles.

Functional Items

Not all wall décor must be solely artistic. Functional wall décor includes shelves, clocks, cubbies, hooks, mirrors, and message boards. These items add multiple benefits to your apartment, acting as both decorative items and serving a unique purpose. When choosing functional items, select those that mesh with the rest of your décor. Clocks, shelves, and message boards are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect piece suited exactly to your needs. Arrange these items singly or in groups to create exactly the look you want. Keep in mind that if you plan to utilize shelves or message boards often, they should be at eye level and within easy reach. Mirrors reflect light to brighten a dark corner or make a small room look larger. You can add a frame to any mirror to transform it into a unique piece that also suits your décor. Curio or display cabinets are a great way to display a collection without taking up horizontal space. Keeping your collection inside a wall-mounted cabinet will also protect it while allowing you to view these items whenever you like.

We invite you to create your own personalized space at RockVue Apartments in Broomfield, CO. Our community features luxury one- and two-bedroom apartment spaces with modern designs, spacious floor plans, and high-end finishes you’ll love. Click through our website to view our gallery and layout options to find your dream apartment today!


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