Creating a Master Bedroom Retreat

After a long day of work or play, you deserve a personalized retreat where you can get a great night’s sleep. At RockVue Apartments, you’ll discover spacious master bedrooms with ample closet space and attached bathrooms for your comfort and convenience. Whether you are getting ready to design your first apartment master bedroom or you’re simply looking for a way to improve your current one, the tips below are sure to inspire you!

Start with the Sheets

The most heavily-used piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed—naturally, this should be the most comfortable spot in the room! The first step to create a master bedroom retreat is furnishing your bed with linens you love. When shopping for the softest sheets you can find, keep in mind that factors such as thread count, ply, and fabric type will all affect the feel of your sheets. Try to find colors in soft, muted hues that appeal to you—brightly-colored sheets look great during the day, but can actually make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. Less saturated tones promote mental relaxation that will help you to drift off more quickly. Once you find the perfect sheets, purchase at least two sets so you can rotate them.

Replace Your Pillows

While pillows are designed to last a number of years, they should be replaced when they stop providing the support you need for comfortable sleep. You can prolong your pillows’ usable lifetime by plumping them every time you make your bed in the morning to redistribute the filling. However, if your pillows look or feel flattened and uncomfortable, it’s time to replace them. The right set of pillows will offer superior comfort that will truly make your bed feel like a paradise.

Eliminate Clutter

A cluttered master bedroom can feel cramped or imposing, affecting your ability to relax. Contain clutter with stylish storage solutions such as baskets, jewelry boxes, mason jars, and adequate shelving to display any knickknacks you may want to keep in the room. However, opt for a more minimalistic approach when decorating your bedroom to maintain a sense of mental relaxation. Reorganizing your master closet so your clothes all fit neatly inside will reduce the likelihood of items spilling out onto dressers and other horizontal surfaces. A rolling laundry organizer can make sorting and storing dirty laundry a snap in preparation for laundry day.

Remove Distractions

Do you have a TV or computer in your master bedroom? Falling asleep to the TV is not as relaxing as it seems! Studies have shown that you are more likely to experience sleep problems if you habitually watch TV right before bed. Remove the TV from your bedroom to create a room used solely for sleeping and relaxation. Similarly, keep laptops, gaming systems, and other distractions out of the bedroom to create a more effective personal retreat from your daily life.

You can create your own modern retreat at RockVue Apartments in Broomfield. We know you like to work hard and play harder, which is why we’ve created the perfect apartment community where you can relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. Our community amenities include ample outdoor living spaces, a relaxing pool and spa, and an onsite park where you can enjoy the fresh Colorado air. Inside your apartment, you’ll discover plenty of storage space, oversized tubs, and modern lighting and hardware. Check us out on the web or stop by for an in-person tour today! 


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