Choosing Art for Your Apartment

Adding art to your Broomfield apartment creates a more inviting and comfortable living space that reflects your personality and style. Artwork lends both color and texture to your apartment, expanding upon the statement made by your other décor. There are many different types of artwork to consider, so keep reading for tips on how to choose pieces that not only reflect your personal tastes, but enhance your decorating style as well.

Personal Photos

Photos are a unique and personalized option to consider if you’re looking to add art to your apartment walls. Choosing photos from among your personal collection puts your experiences on display to reflect the people and events that have shaped your life. If your apartment features an eclectic decorating style, consider creating a collage of photos featuring varying colors, shapes, sizes, and subjects. Select a variety of frames in many styles and colors for an appealingly mismatched display. More modern- or contemporary-styled apartments can benefit from photos that have been modified to match each other in size, color, and style. Using identical frames for these photos allows you to create unity and flow in your apartment space. Additionally, many companies offer services that blow up photos and place them on canvases, wood, or metal. These options allow you to create a high-quality centerpiece suited to your apartment’s style out of a treasured memory.


If you don’t want to put your own life on display, choosing prints of artistic pieces can still imbue your apartment with personality, color, and style. The prints you choose for your walls are a reflection of your own unique artistic tastes. When selecting the perfect print, consider how it makes you feel and whether it suits your personality and the living environment you want to create. If you’re looking for art for a specific area of your apartment, use guidelines such as color and style to narrow down your selection. You can also enhance any print with the right frame—choose a frame that is appropriate to the art as well as the décor and style of your apartment. Remember that traditional art prints are not the only option—check out local or online artists as well to find pieces that appeal to you. Mixing traditional and contemporary art is another popular way to personalize any room.

Three-Dimensional and Textile Art

Are you looking for something a little different for your apartment walls? Not all art must be printed on paper and placed in a frame. Three-dimensional art and textiles add variety and appeal to any space. Consider using shadow boxes, bas-reliefs, sculptures, carpets, and tapestries to spice up your apartment’s artistic décor. Three-dimensional art often works best in large spaces where there is ample lighting to view the texture of the piece. Avoid using large pieces in small rooms, where they can make the space feel tighter. Tapestries and other textiles soften the look of a room and make excellent additions to modern, minimalist, and contemporary settings. Hanging carpets lengthwise is a great trick that makes hallways and smaller rooms appear longer and more open.

These are just a few of the ways you can choose to add artistic style to your Alta Harvest Station apartment. Our one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments feature designer-inspired floor plans, ample storage, and upscale finishes that include tile flooring and granite countertops. You can find out more about our luxury apartment community when you visit our website.  


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