Tips for Planning Your Space

You’ve signed the lease and the place is yours—your Carmel Rincon apartment is a blank canvas, just waiting to be filled with furniture, accessories, and other décor. However, before you begin bringing furniture into your new San Francisco apartment, taking some time to plan out your space can help you create a home that is more functional, easier to clean, and holds superior aesthetic appeal. Thanks to its unique design, each Carmel Rincon apartment has a floor plan and a view unlike any other. Keep reading for some helpful tips on planning your new apartment space to make the most of your luxury apartment’s one-of-a-kind floor plan.

Buy Furniture to Fit the Space

Furnishings make a room comfortable and convenient. However, the key to furnishing your new apartment with pieces that will enhance the space is to purchase furniture that is the right size for the apartment. Choosing furniture that is either too large or too small will look awkward and may make moving through a room inconvenient. One of the most basic issues to address is whether any piece you like will fit through your doorway—and any subsequent halls it must travel down to get to its final destination. Even if it can be disassembled, it’s still important to make sure the biggest piece of your new furniture will fit through doors and hallways. Next, make sure the assembled piece will fit in the space you’ve designated by taking measurements of your space and the furniture. Ideally, you should try to leave at least two inches between the end of your furniture and the wall. This will avoid making your furniture look wedged into a space that is too small. Leave a two- to three-foot walkway through the room to keep your living space open and accessible. Avoid partially blocking doorways with furniture, as this can be a fire hazard as well as an interior design faux pas.

Create Zones

Open floor plans are a popular and desirable design. When planning your apartment’s layout, sketch out your open living space and designate certain areas for different purposes. Create separate zones for dining, lounging, work, hobbies, and so forth. You can choose to separate these zones in two ways: furniture dividers or style dividers. Furniture dividers are physical pieces of furniture that you can use to block off sections of an open space. For example, you may float your sofa in the middle of the room to designate where the lounging area begins and ends. Filing cabinets or bookshelves can be used to block off a home office or hobby space. Alternatively, you can use style dividers to separate your zones without creating physical barriers in your open living space. This option is preferable for some because it maintains the wide open feel of the original apartment floor plan. Style dividers aren’t a physical object—instead, this concept uses differing décor styles to differentiate between living spaces. You can use area rugs, differing color palettes, and various styles of furniture or artwork to visually designate each space within your apartment’s open floor plan without placing a single physical divider.

Are you ready to make the most of your new apartment space in San Francisco? Carmel Rincon features luxury apartments complete with stunning views, walk-in closets, private balconies, and floor-to-ceiling windows. You can check out our available floor plans on the web, where you’ll also find our gallery and full list of amenities. Stop by in person to take a tour or contact us online to start the leasing process!


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