Get Out and Enjoy the Water This Spring!

The state of Hawaii is well known for its natural beauty and luxurious beaches. This spring, take a dip in the Pacific as you try one of the many popular water sports Oahu has to offer. Whether you prefer to spend time on the water or under it, you’re sure to find the perfect aquatic activity to enjoy with family and friends.


Kayaking is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the ocean landscape so unique to Hawaii. Kailua Beach Park is one of the most popular kayaking sites on Oahu, featuring waters that are calm and easy to navigate for beginners. Just a quarter mile from the shore, you’ll find Popoi’a Island, also called Flat Island. This island used to be the site of an ancient Hawaiian fishing shrine. Since the shrine’s destruction by a tsunami in 1946, the island’s flat, sandy beaches have continued to attract kayakers looking for a rewarding destination to enjoy the sun and a snack before making the return trip to the main shore. Flat Island is home to a variety of native seabirds; kayakers and snorkelers often see green turtles in the waters just offshore.

Scuba Diving

Hawaiian waters are prized for their clarity and variety of ocean life, making them an ideal place to enjoy scuba diving activities. There are also many places to explore just offshore, including coral reefs, underwater caves and tunnels formed by volcanic activity, and shipwrecks. Oahu is home to a number of popular scuba diving spots, including Makaha Beach and Caverns, Hanauma Bay, and Shark’s Cove. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, there are numerous companies throughout the island that can supply you with the training, equipment, and supervision you need to enjoy this amazing underwater experience. Many people choose to seek scuba certification as part of their training so they can enjoy even more challenging scuba experiences.

Surfing and Paddle Boarding

Surfing is one of the most iconic Hawaiian sports; it can be enjoyed from anywhere on Oahu. Some of the most popular surfing locations on Oahu include Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, Haleiwa, and the Banzai Pipeline. The beaches on the south shore of the island are often advised for beginners, while the surfing spots on the north shore are well known for their large, long-lived waves. If you are a beginner, there are numerous surf shops and companies across the island that offer multiple-student and even one-on-one classes. You can rent or purchase a surfboard nearly anywhere on the island, making surfing a versatile sport you can enjoy any day of the year. If the idea of riding on a board appeals to you but you aren’t sure you want to try surfing, paddle boarding is a variation of surfing in which you stand on a board and propel yourself via paddle through the water. Paddle boarding is a great activity for any age and fitness level, allowing you to enjoy the sun and scenery from atop the water as you glide along at your own pace.

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