Exploring Hawaii’s State Parks and Nature Reserves

The Hawaiian Islands have long been associated with lush greenery and colorful local wildlife. The island of Oahu is home to over 20 State Parks and numerous Nature Preserves and Marine Life Conservation Districts. These areas serve as a place where visitors and residents alike can come to enjoy the unique beauty and majesty of the natural Hawaiian landscape.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve functions as both a Nature Preserve and a Marine Life Conservation District. Located just east of Honolulu, this area was the first such Marine Life Conservation District established in the state of Hawaii. The word “hanauma” itself means “bay” in the Hawaiian language, and Hanauma’s beautiful bowl-like shape makes it one of the most popular snorkeling destinations on the island of Oahu. This iconic Hawaiian beach has also been featured in a wide variety of film and television productions, including Blue Hawaii, Tora! Tora! Tora!, and Hawaii Five-O. Just outside the Hanauma Bay stands the Marine Education Center, where visitors watch a short educational film before entering the area to ensure human behavior does not disturb this valuable and beautiful natural resource.

‘Aiea Bay State Recreation Area

The six-acre ‘Aiea Bay State Recreation Area offers visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy aspects of Hawaii’s natural and human history from a single spot. From its location along the Pearl Harbor’s East Loch near Aloha Stadium, the park and picnic grounds at ‘Aiea Bay State Recreation Area provide views of not only the natural Hawaiian landscape, but Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial as well. The 20.5-mile Pearl Harbor Bike Path also winds its way through the area, making it easy to access as part of a longer all-day outing if you prefer.

Diamond Head State Monument

Diamond Head is perhaps one of Oahu’s most iconic and recognizable landmarks. Sitting on the southeastern shore of the island near Waikiki, Diamond Head was formed approximately 300,000 years ago by an explosive volcanic eruption. Today, Diamond Head State Monument covers over 475 acres of land, including both the exterior and interior of the Diamond Head crater itself. Experienced hikers can take the steep 0.8-mile trail to the summit of Diamond Head (called Le’ahi in the Hawaiian language), which rises 560 feet from the trailhead to offer stunning views of the island and ocean beyond. As you hike, you’ll see a progressive geologic history of Oahu in the various layers of rock visible on the crater walls. Diamond Head State Monument also features restrooms, vending machines, food sales, drinking water, and family picnic areas.

Waena Apartments of Honolulu offers both a lifestyle and a location you’ll love. Our newly-renovated apartments near Pearl Harbor offer easy access to many of Oahu’s most popular hotspots and outdoor destinations. When you arrive home after a rewarding day exploring the natural beauty of Hawaii, you’ll return to amazing amenities that include a fitness center, playground, and barbecue and picnic areas just outside your apartment door. Visit our website for more information about our apartments and our community, including a gallery, floor plans, and map of our neighborhood’s most popular shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Sports and Activities to Try This Summer in Broomfield

The residents of RockVue Apartments are well known for their love of an active, outdoor lifestyle. If you’re ready to try something new in Broomfield this summer, there are a variety of exciting and energetic sports options to choose from. Keep reading to discover just a few of the unique opportunities for summer fun you can find just outside your apartment door.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing has quickly gained popularity in recent years. Rock climbing presents a new and exciting challenge for both beginners and those who already like traditional sports and physical activities. Furthermore, rock climbing builds both strength and endurance, making it an excellent way to keep your body in shape. You can choose to tackle rock climbing alone or take part in group climbing activities with friends. While special gear is needed for safety, this gear is often provided by rock climbing gyms or can be rented during your climb. The Broomfield and Denver areas boast a number of locations where you can participate in all levels of indoor rock climbing activities. Some of the most popular places to rock climb in and around Broomfield include the climbing wall at the Paul Derda Recreation Center, the Lakeshore Athletic Club, Rock’n & Jam’n, and the Paradise Rock Gym, Inc.

Mountain Biking

Even if you already enjoy biking though the paved streets of Broomfield, mountain biking in Colorado offers a completely new and exhilarating experience. Mountain bikes are built differently than traditional racing bicycles, making them easier to maneuver through rougher terrain. The Broomfield area is home to a vast network of cycling trails that will introduce you to both this amazing sport and the breathtaking natural landscapes just beyond your RockVue apartment community. Less experienced mountain bikers can enjoy a number of easy rides near Boulder, such as the Teller Lake Trail, East Boulder Trail, and the Marshall Mesa/Community Ditch Trail. More experienced mountain bikers may want to try biking through nearby Chimney Gulch, Eldorado Canyon State Park, or Golden Gate Canyon State Park.


Spelunking, or caving, refers to the exploration of caves as a hobby. Caving is also a great way to get your body moving and immerse yourself—literally—in some of nature’s most exquisite beauty. If you’re just starting out, you may find it beneficial to stop by a meeting held by a local caving group for expert advice to steer you in the right direction. There are two such groups near Broomfield: the Front Range Grotto caving group in Northglenn and the Colorado Grotto group in Denver. Both groups hold regular meetings to discuss caving and related activities; these groups also sponsor organized group caving trips. Some of the most popular caving destinations for groups such as these include Wind Cave National Park and Three Fingers Cave in Lincoln National Forest.

Whatever your outdoor sport of choice, you’ll love coming home to the luxury amenities you’ll find only at RockVue Apartments. Relax after a long day of climbing at our pool and spa, or maintain your mountain bike in our community bike repair room. You can check out a full list of our features and amenities on the web, along with our current apartment availability and floor plan options.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the best parts of life at RockVue Apartments is your one- or two-bedroom apartment’s outdoor living space. Every apartment in our community features a private balcony, complete with extra outdoor storage! The key to truly making the most of your balcony space in Broomfield is to turn it into a welcoming place where you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style.

Eliminate Clutter

One of the golden rules of apartment decorating is to eliminate clutter wherever possible. Your apartment’s private balcony features an extra storage space that will help you accomplish this goal. All too often, balconies become places to store extra furniture or sports equipment when it is not needed. However, such items can hinder the ability to enjoy time outside on your balcony. Instead of leaving extraneous items out in the open, utilize your outdoor storage closet to keep them both out of the way and safe in all kinds of weather. Storing items out of sight will give you the floor space you need to create a welcoming balcony you’ll love using every day.

Keep It Clean

A clean outdoor space is an inviting outdoor space. Keeping your apartment’s balcony clean doesn’t need to be a grueling or arduous task, especially if you consider it a part of your regular apartment cleaning routine. Use a broom to sweep away dust and debris, then wipe down any furniture with a damp sponge; towel furniture dry to avoid leaving streaks or spots caused by air drying. You can also wipe down your balcony railing periodically to remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris. If you keep plants outside on your balcony, set the containers on a tray or dish to prevent moisture or dirt stains on your balcony flooring. Finally, clean the glass in your balcony doors regularly to keep them spotless and streak-free.

Dress Up Your Furniture

Are you tired of your current balcony furniture? Consider dressing it up with fabrics for an instant facelift that will turn your balcony into a chic outdoor living space. Add a colorful tablecloth to your table and set out two or more place settings to make it appear more inviting. A small potted plant or decorative accessory makes a great centerpiece for your outdoor dining area as well. If you aren’t thrilled with the comfort level afforded by your current chairs, add folded blankets or cushions and pillows for color and comfort. If your furniture is old and faded, you can revive it with spray paint to give your furnishings a completely new outlook on life.

You can live life to the fullest when you choose RockVue Apartments as your Broomfield home. Our modern, spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments feature ample storage, private outdoor living space, and luxury finishes that include wood plank style flooring and quartz countertops. Visit our website to check out our gallery and full list of amenities and features, or stop by in person for a tour of your future home today!

Managing Your Fleet With the Help of KEYper Systems

Fleet management can be a daunting task. Regardless of whether your fleet is large or small, keeping tabs on any number of vehicles at a moment’s notice presents a unique set of challenges. KEYper Systems understands the difficulties businesses of all sizes face on a daily basis when it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles. We offer a variety of manual and electronic fleet management solutions that can help your business run more smoothly on a daily basis.

Electronic Key Control

You can take advantage of today’s most advanced technology to improve the ease with which you manage your fleet. KEYper Systems’ electronic key management solutions include systems such as the KEYper Elite Series Electronic Key Management systems and KEYperSCAN. Electronic key management systems are comprised of an electronically-controlled steel cabinet that tracks key usage automatically. As a business owner, you have instantaneous access to information that includes which keys have been checked out and by whom. You’ll also know the duration of time each key was removed from the cabinet so you can match your fleet usage records with employee necessities. Electronic key control systems can also generate long-term usage reports and offer an extremely high level of security. KEYperSCAN uses barcode technology to easily track your fleet’s movements. Your current inventory can be downloaded onto your tablet, laptop, or smartphone at any time, allowing you unparalleled access to up-to-the-minute records.

Mechanical Key Management Control

Smaller businesses or those with smaller fleets can benefit from KEYper Systems’ mechanical key management control solutions. These smaller-scale, more cost-effective solutions utilize a secure cabinet that can be customized to hold any number of keys ranging from five to 150. Each employee is issued a unique access peg, which is used to remove a single set of keys at a time. A quick glance into the cabinet will tell you which keys have been removed and by whom, allowing you to keep track of employee vehicle usage. Mechanical systems can be mounted permanently or made portable for the utmost in key access and management security and convenience.

Key Drop Boxes and Dispensers

If your business frequently requires employees or customers to access or drop off keys after hours, you could benefit from KEYper’s Night Drop Zone or Service Express 24 systems. The Night Drop Zone provides a secure deposit vault that can be accessed at any time when keys and documentation must be dropped off. Alternatively, the Service Express 24 system acts much like an ATM, dispensing of keys to customers or employees after hours using a unique five-digit PIN system. This system retains an access log and can be programmed to dispense between 20-40 keys, so it will grow with you as your fleet grows and changes.

Instantaneous and up-to-date access to fleet vehicle locations and long-term usage statistics will improve your overall business operations and ensure keys are not lost or misplaced. If you’d like to find out more about the KEYper Systems solutions that could help you manage your fleet, visit our website to check out the latest news on our key, lock, and license place control solutions for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and more.

Designing the Perfect Balcony Space

Summer is upon us, meaning that now is the time to make the most of that private balcony you enjoy as part of your Carmel Rincon apartment. Balconies are often left unaddressed and under-utilized, but the right décor can turn this amenity into a fabulous and functional outdoor living space. Keep reading to discover how you can transform your private balcony into an exterior extension of your luxury apartment to make the most of summertime living in San Francisco.

Determine Its Function

Do you find it difficult to envision your balcony as a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space? Are you feeling lost when it comes to developing a layout that will use your balcony’s square footage to the max? Designing a balcony is just like designing any other room in your home, but it can sometimes be more challenging if you don’t know which type of purpose you want your balcony to serve. Do a little research to see how other apartment tenants have utilized their balconies. Some use this space for gardens, while others create an outdoor version of their indoor living room or dining room for entertaining purposes. Still others turn their balcony into a place where they can retreat from the bustle of the city and enjoy a moment of quiet solitude. Determining what type of space you want your balcony to become can help you develop your ultimate design.

Choose Your Style

Just like any other room in your apartment, your balcony can sport any style you choose. Do you want your balcony to reflect a chic, modern style? Are you looking to create a relaxing spa-like outdoor space to enjoy this summer? What if your balcony resembled a traditional Victorian garden space, where you can lose yourself in luxurious natural scents and colors? While it can be easiest to simply carry your existing indoor decorating style outdoors, you should also consider turning your balcony into a completely unique space to try out a different style of décor. Outdoor furnishings and decorative elements have come a long way from plastic folding chairs and tempered glass-topped folding tables, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine. You’re sure to find the perfect outdoor furniture and accessories for any style you want to utilize on your balcony.

Maximize Your Budget

Regardless of the budget you’ve given yourself for your balcony project, there are plenty of ways to stretch your funds to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re ready to start gardening, consider using vintage wine boxes, crates, or secondhand pots and jars as planters. These items can add vintage charm to your balcony without impacting your budget much (or at all). If you’re looking to create an outdoor dining space, focus on your table and chairs; other elements such as place settings and dishware can come second after you’ve set the stage for your meals. When creating a space where you plan to relax, focus on purchasing high-end seating before spending money on any other elements—you’ll enjoy your balcony far more when your furnishings are both appealing and comfortable.

Are you ready to enjoy summertime living on your private patio or balcony? Carmel Rincon Apartments of San Francisco offers modern luxury apartment living with stunning views of the North Bay, Financial District, Bay Bridge, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our apartments for rent in San Francisco or to check out our current move-in specials.

Best Hikes Around San Francisco

Hiking is a great way to work out your body while spending time enjoying the great outdoors with family or friends. Because its weather is beautiful all year long, San Francisco is one of California’s most popular places to hike. Whether you are an experienced nature-loving hiker or one who prefers to stick closer to the urban amenities of the city, you’re sure to find the perfect hiking route close to your Carmel Rincon apartment home.

Batteries to Bluffs Trail

The 0.7-mile Batteries to Bluffs Trail is an excellent short hike for beginners. You’ll love hiking along this beautiful coastal trail, which offers stunning views of the Bay and San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The Batteries to Bluffs Trail begins just off of Lincoln Blvd., then takes you past the batteries and through Marshall Beach. Once you’ve reached the end, you can choose to retrace your steps or continue on to the California Coastal Trail, which will take you all the way up to view the Golden Gate Bridge in person.

Steep Ravine Trail

Mount Tamalpais, or Mount Tam, is one of Marin County’s most iconic landmarks. Located just across the San Francisco Bay in Mt. Tamalpais State Park, the Steep Ravine Trail is a favorite among San Francisco residents. This moderate-difficulty 6.5-mile hike typically requires half a day to complete and will take you through some of Marin County’s lush wooded areas as you traverse the western slopes of Mount Tam. The Steep Ravine Trail is a popular one, so most local hikers recommend starting your day early with this loop. As you cover the trail from beginning to end, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the ocean and are likely to spot some of the region’s most prevalent plants and animals, including California’s great redwood trees.

Ferry Building to Fort Point

The trail connecting the Ferry Building to Fort Point spans approximately nine and a half miles, taking urban hikers for a scenic trip along the waterfront. This trail begins just a few blocks away from your Carmel Rincon apartment, making it a convenient and fun way for you to see the city. On your way, you’ll visit Fort Mason, Aquatic Park, the Golden Gate Promenade, Crissy Field Marsh, and Fort Point before ending at the Muni Metro F-Market & Wharves stop. You can also take an optional side trip to see the Exploratorium’s Wave Organ, a unique acoustic sculpture designed to create music powered by the ocean waves. Because this popular route winds through parts of the city, you’ll find numerous opportunities for food, shopping, and more along the way.

You can discover all that San Francisco has to offer just outside your apartment door when you make Carmel Rincon your home. Our luxury apartments are located just minutes from The Embarcadero, where you’ll find some of California’s best shopping and dining opportunities. You can explore our floor plans and availability on the web or contact us today for more information about leasing.

Apartment Bathroom Solutions

Bathrooms are often neglected in terms of organization and decoration simply because they remain out of sight for much of the day. However, paying special attention to your bathroom can make your apartment feel more like a coherent and luxurious home. Check out the tips below to find out how you can transform your bathroom into a functional and beautiful space.


Have you ever gone looking through a bathroom cabinet for an item you could swear should be there, only to come up empty-handed? Bathroom cabinets often become a catchall for all sorts of personal items, ranging from hair products, brushes, and dryers to extra toothbrushes, towels, and cotton balls. Labeling storage containers makes organizing and locating anything you need quick and easy in your apartment bathroom. You can purchase pre-labeled containers or make your own using a label maker or permanent marker. Chalkboard paint allows you to label and re-label containers many times for added versatility. Alternatively, storing toiletries and other items in clear containers or jars is another way to make finding anything you need a snap. Get creative and have fun with your containers to create a completely personalized bathroom storage solution.

Space-Saving Options

A cluttered bathroom doesn’t feel inviting or relaxing. Many space-saving solutions in the bathroom actually come from the other rooms in your home. Lazy Susans aren’t just for use in your kitchen—these storage solutions also allow you to store hard-to-stack items such as shower gels, cleaners, and hair products in a compact space where they can be seen and accessed easily. If you’ve got the room, a two-tiered lazy Susan will gain you even more storage space. Another kitchen item that could find a stylish home in your bathroom is an elevated cake platter. Place soaps, towels, or other items on the platter’s surface for a luxurious spa look that doubles as a bit of extra storage to keep your counter clear of clutter. Over-the-door shoe organizers make a great home for curling irons, hairdryers, brushes, and other items that you use often but don’t want to leave on your counter. A hat stand adds personality in addition to several more hooks for towels, bathrobes, and clothing.

Mirrors and Art

Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light and create the feeling of a spacious, airy room. If your bathroom feels small or dark, adding a mirror can instantly transform it into a space that is more welcoming and inviting. Mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to your personal taste and the atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom. Hanging artwork in your bathroom is a wonderful way to add personality and color to your this room as well, making the space feel like a personal retreat made especially for you. Coordinating the colors in your artwork with your towels, rug, or shower curtain will help your bathroom to feel like a coherent and relaxing space.

Are you ready to enjoy a luxury apartment bathroom that features designer tile floors, granite countertops, and an oversize garden tub where you can soak your cares away? Check out Alta Harvest Station on the web to explore all the features we offer our Broomfield residents. If you’re ready to rent a one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment with us, you can reach us online or stop by in person for more information.

Creating the Perfect Apartment Living Room

Your apartment’s living room is designed to be a public space where you can enjoy time with friends or family. Creating the right setting will make this room feel like an inviting place to relax and socialize. The feel of your apartment’s living room can also influence the décor elsewhere by setting the mood you want for your entire home.


Decorating with greenery adds an appealing natural touch to your indoor living space. Larger plants such as palms or ferns can be placed in unused corners to soften the look of the room. Smaller potted plants make beautiful natural accessories on bookshelves, side tables, or even as a centerpiece on your coffee table. Stylish hanging planters or vines placed atop bookshelves and wall units add greenery at or above eye level to utilize otherwise wasted vertical space in the room. Keep in mind that the planters and pots in which your greenery resides can add just as much to the look and feel of your room as the plant itself. Don’t be afraid to replace your plants’ original containers with those that complement the style of the rest of your living room’s décor for an even more cohesive look. Finally, if you don’t want to care for real plants, you can use faux plants to achieve the look you want without the need to care for your greenery.

Furniture Layout

The layout of your living room furniture is the key to making this room both usable and inviting. You should arrange your furniture a way that encourages interaction between those sharing the space—some of the most appealing furniture layouts group sofas and chairs around a central point in the room. Make sure to leave enough room behind any furniture in the center of the room to allow foot traffic to flow freely. A central coffee table or rug can tie your entire furniture arrangement together and provide a focal point for the room at the same time. Alternatively, many people choose to arrange living room furniture facing an entertainment center. Even if you choose this type of arrangement, consider placing three sofas or seats in a “U” shape to facilitate conversation when the television is not in use. Sectional sofas are a wonderful option that allow you to change your furniture layout whenever you choose. Ottomans can be used as footrests, side tables, and even additional seating when you have multiple guests. Two additional factors to consider when deciding where to put furniture in your living room are the placement of your windows and doors. You can highlight windows by arranging low furniture in a way that maintains the view through the glass. Keep your doorways clear and try not to place furniture directly adjacent to doors. Arranging furniture directly next to doorways can make a room feel cramped—leaving an inch or two of space between any furniture and the frames of your doors will help to keep your living room feeling more open and inviting.

You’ll love the look and feel of your spacious Alta Harvest Station living room when you live with us in Broomfield, CO. We invite you to take a look through our website to find out more about the luxury amenities and features you’ll find throughout our community, including fireplaces, wood-style finishing, a dog park and dog wash for your furry friend, and controlled access gates.