Creating the Perfect Apartment Living Room

Your apartment’s living room is designed to be a public space where you can enjoy time with friends or family. Creating the right setting will make this room feel like an inviting place to relax and socialize. The feel of your apartment’s living room can also influence the décor elsewhere by setting the mood you want for your entire home.


Decorating with greenery adds an appealing natural touch to your indoor living space. Larger plants such as palms or ferns can be placed in unused corners to soften the look of the room. Smaller potted plants make beautiful natural accessories on bookshelves, side tables, or even as a centerpiece on your coffee table. Stylish hanging planters or vines placed atop bookshelves and wall units add greenery at or above eye level to utilize otherwise wasted vertical space in the room. Keep in mind that the planters and pots in which your greenery resides can add just as much to the look and feel of your room as the plant itself. Don’t be afraid to replace your plants’ original containers with those that complement the style of the rest of your living room’s décor for an even more cohesive look. Finally, if you don’t want to care for real plants, you can use faux plants to achieve the look you want without the need to care for your greenery.

Furniture Layout

The layout of your living room furniture is the key to making this room both usable and inviting. You should arrange your furniture a way that encourages interaction between those sharing the space—some of the most appealing furniture layouts group sofas and chairs around a central point in the room. Make sure to leave enough room behind any furniture in the center of the room to allow foot traffic to flow freely. A central coffee table or rug can tie your entire furniture arrangement together and provide a focal point for the room at the same time. Alternatively, many people choose to arrange living room furniture facing an entertainment center. Even if you choose this type of arrangement, consider placing three sofas or seats in a “U” shape to facilitate conversation when the television is not in use. Sectional sofas are a wonderful option that allow you to change your furniture layout whenever you choose. Ottomans can be used as footrests, side tables, and even additional seating when you have multiple guests. Two additional factors to consider when deciding where to put furniture in your living room are the placement of your windows and doors. You can highlight windows by arranging low furniture in a way that maintains the view through the glass. Keep your doorways clear and try not to place furniture directly adjacent to doors. Arranging furniture directly next to doorways can make a room feel cramped—leaving an inch or two of space between any furniture and the frames of your doors will help to keep your living room feeling more open and inviting.

You’ll love the look and feel of your spacious Alta Harvest Station living room when you live with us in Broomfield, CO. We invite you to take a look through our website to find out more about the luxury amenities and features you’ll find throughout our community, including fireplaces, wood-style finishing, a dog park and dog wash for your furry friend, and controlled access gates. 


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