Designing the Perfect Balcony Space

Summer is upon us, meaning that now is the time to make the most of that private balcony you enjoy as part of your Carmel Rincon apartment. Balconies are often left unaddressed and under-utilized, but the right décor can turn this amenity into a fabulous and functional outdoor living space. Keep reading to discover how you can transform your private balcony into an exterior extension of your luxury apartment to make the most of summertime living in San Francisco.

Determine Its Function

Do you find it difficult to envision your balcony as a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space? Are you feeling lost when it comes to developing a layout that will use your balcony’s square footage to the max? Designing a balcony is just like designing any other room in your home, but it can sometimes be more challenging if you don’t know which type of purpose you want your balcony to serve. Do a little research to see how other apartment tenants have utilized their balconies. Some use this space for gardens, while others create an outdoor version of their indoor living room or dining room for entertaining purposes. Still others turn their balcony into a place where they can retreat from the bustle of the city and enjoy a moment of quiet solitude. Determining what type of space you want your balcony to become can help you develop your ultimate design.

Choose Your Style

Just like any other room in your apartment, your balcony can sport any style you choose. Do you want your balcony to reflect a chic, modern style? Are you looking to create a relaxing spa-like outdoor space to enjoy this summer? What if your balcony resembled a traditional Victorian garden space, where you can lose yourself in luxurious natural scents and colors? While it can be easiest to simply carry your existing indoor decorating style outdoors, you should also consider turning your balcony into a completely unique space to try out a different style of décor. Outdoor furnishings and decorative elements have come a long way from plastic folding chairs and tempered glass-topped folding tables, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine. You’re sure to find the perfect outdoor furniture and accessories for any style you want to utilize on your balcony.

Maximize Your Budget

Regardless of the budget you’ve given yourself for your balcony project, there are plenty of ways to stretch your funds to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re ready to start gardening, consider using vintage wine boxes, crates, or secondhand pots and jars as planters. These items can add vintage charm to your balcony without impacting your budget much (or at all). If you’re looking to create an outdoor dining space, focus on your table and chairs; other elements such as place settings and dishware can come second after you’ve set the stage for your meals. When creating a space where you plan to relax, focus on purchasing high-end seating before spending money on any other elements—you’ll enjoy your balcony far more when your furnishings are both appealing and comfortable.

Are you ready to enjoy summertime living on your private patio or balcony? Carmel Rincon Apartments of San Francisco offers modern luxury apartment living with stunning views of the North Bay, Financial District, Bay Bridge, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our apartments for rent in San Francisco or to check out our current move-in specials.


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