Managing Your Fleet With the Help of KEYper Systems

Fleet management can be a daunting task. Regardless of whether your fleet is large or small, keeping tabs on any number of vehicles at a moment’s notice presents a unique set of challenges. KEYper Systems understands the difficulties businesses of all sizes face on a daily basis when it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles. We offer a variety of manual and electronic fleet management solutions that can help your business run more smoothly on a daily basis.

Electronic Key Control

You can take advantage of today’s most advanced technology to improve the ease with which you manage your fleet. KEYper Systems’ electronic key management solutions include systems such as the KEYper Elite Series Electronic Key Management systems and KEYperSCAN. Electronic key management systems are comprised of an electronically-controlled steel cabinet that tracks key usage automatically. As a business owner, you have instantaneous access to information that includes which keys have been checked out and by whom. You’ll also know the duration of time each key was removed from the cabinet so you can match your fleet usage records with employee necessities. Electronic key control systems can also generate long-term usage reports and offer an extremely high level of security. KEYperSCAN uses barcode technology to easily track your fleet’s movements. Your current inventory can be downloaded onto your tablet, laptop, or smartphone at any time, allowing you unparalleled access to up-to-the-minute records.

Mechanical Key Management Control

Smaller businesses or those with smaller fleets can benefit from KEYper Systems’ mechanical key management control solutions. These smaller-scale, more cost-effective solutions utilize a secure cabinet that can be customized to hold any number of keys ranging from five to 150. Each employee is issued a unique access peg, which is used to remove a single set of keys at a time. A quick glance into the cabinet will tell you which keys have been removed and by whom, allowing you to keep track of employee vehicle usage. Mechanical systems can be mounted permanently or made portable for the utmost in key access and management security and convenience.

Key Drop Boxes and Dispensers

If your business frequently requires employees or customers to access or drop off keys after hours, you could benefit from KEYper’s Night Drop Zone or Service Express 24 systems. The Night Drop Zone provides a secure deposit vault that can be accessed at any time when keys and documentation must be dropped off. Alternatively, the Service Express 24 system acts much like an ATM, dispensing of keys to customers or employees after hours using a unique five-digit PIN system. This system retains an access log and can be programmed to dispense between 20-40 keys, so it will grow with you as your fleet grows and changes.

Instantaneous and up-to-date access to fleet vehicle locations and long-term usage statistics will improve your overall business operations and ensure keys are not lost or misplaced. If you’d like to find out more about the KEYper Systems solutions that could help you manage your fleet, visit our website to check out the latest news on our key, lock, and license place control solutions for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and more.


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