Avoid These Small Space Mistakes!

Your RockVue apartment features plenty of open space where you can live life to the fullest. However, there are a few common mistakes renters often make that cause an apartment to feel smaller rather than large, open, and inviting. Check out these small space mistakes and learn how you can avoid them for an airy, comfortable home you’ll love to spend time in.

Cluttering It Up

Too much clutter is a sure-fire way to make your apartment feel smaller and less organized. Clutter can include both temporary and permanent items. Junk mail, shoes, coats, keys, and dirty dishes are all forms of temporary clutter that contribute to general disorganization in your apartment. Trying to show off too many knickknacks or cramming too much furniture into a single space are forms of permanent clutter. Temporary clutter is the easiest to tackle—find or create storage and organization solutions so that everything has a place and nothing sits haphazardly on counters, tables, chairs, or the floor. To address permanent clutter, take a step back and look at your décor. If you have a large number of items you want to show off, consider rotating your collection rather than displaying it all at once. Keep your rooms open and make sure there is an accessible path through each room to avoid cluttering the space with furnishings.

Playing It Safe

“Playing it safe” by decorating with neutrals and muted colors might be easy, but it can make your space feel smaller and less personal. Many people are afraid to use bold colors or patterns because they feel these elements will fill up a space and make it seem smaller. However, the opposite is actually true—bright colors make a room feel larger, while bold patterns make a small room feel more lively and inviting. You may not be able to change the size of your apartment, but you can use colors and patterns to create a feeling of personality and life that will make it feel much larger and more welcoming.

Haphazard Furnishings

Every room in your apartment should have a specific purpose: cooking, relaxing, working, or sleeping. Take this purpose into account when you furnish each room, utilizing only pieces necessary to that room’s function. Too much furniture or furniture that is placed haphazardly throughout a room creates a feeling of disorder that makes the space feel more cramped. Imagine each room as a whole, then divide it into halves, thirds, or fourths in which you place your furniture by function and aesthetics. To avoid moving furniture multiple times, create a floor plan online or on paper to try out a few ideas before you start the heavy lifting.

You’ll love the spacious look and feel of your RockVue apartment in Broomfield, CO. Our expansive floor plans come with some of the best luxury features you could want, including quartz countertops, high-end finishes, and oversized tubs. Are you ready to make the most of your one- or two-bedroom apartment space? Click on over to our website to view our gallery and available floor plans, or contact us online to set up a meeting and discuss your lease today!


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