Check Out These Fall and Winter Broomfield Recreation Programs!

From your home at RockVue Apartments, you can enjoy convenient access to Boomfield’s two state-of-the-art recreation facilities: the Paul Derda Recreation Center and the Broomfield Community Center. The Paul Derda Recreation Center is an 85,000-square foot facility featuring a pool, two full-court gymnasiums, two fitness rooms, a cardio and weight area, and a gymnastics center. You’ll also find an indoor track, climbing wall, playground, and game room. The Broomfield Community Center is a 66,900-square foot building with an indoor pool, full-court gymnasium, outdoor playground, fitness room, cardio and weight area, and meeting rooms for classes and other activities. These facilities offer a variety of recreational programs for participants of all ages and skill levels throughout the fall and winter months.

Aquatic Activities

Both the Paul Derda Recreation Center and Broomfield Community Center are offering a number of aquatic activities this fall and winter. Whether you are just learning to swim or would like to refine your technique for personal or athletic reasons, adult swim lessons for participants aged 15 and up can help you meet and exceed your goals. Advanced swimmers aged 16 and over can take part in the organized Masters Swimming program at Broomfield Community Center. If you’re interested in SCUBA diving, Discover Scuba and Snorkeling classes are offered at the Broomfield Community Center on October 7, November 4, December 2, January 6, February 3, March 3, and April 7. All equipment is provided, meaning you’ll only need to bring yourself and your one-time fee of $20. You can also pursue PADI SCUBA Certification at the Broomfield Community Center on Saturdays and Sundays—pre-registration is required for certification classes, so plan ahead! Other aquatic activities you may want to check out this season include kayaking, aquatic fitness classes, and American Red Cross lifeguard training.

Adult Sports

Broomfield Recreation Services offers coed and men’s sports activities throughout the fall and winter months. Options include team registration or individual registration, which allows those looking for a team to be paired with groups who need one or more additional players. Adult coed kickball runs from September 3 through October 22, while adult volleyball runs from September 9 through November 20. Winter sports include adult men’s basketball and adult volleyball. Registration for basketball is open through October 31, with play beginning the week of November 16; registration for volleyball begins November 1, while play begins the week of January 11. If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and no-commitment-required activity this winter, drop-in pickleball play is offered for all participants aged 16 and older through mid-December at the Broomfield Community Center.

Fitness Classes

Regardless of your fitness level, Broomfield Recreation Services has the perfect class for you. You can get in shape and enjoy a slimmer, fitter body this holiday season with a “Holiday Meltdown” class at the Paul Derda Recreation Center; classes run from early November through mid-December. The Couch to 5K program will get you up and running 3.1 miles after eight weeks of enjoyable classes—register today for classes running December 9 through January 29. Adult Tae Kwon Do is offered continually throughout the fall and winter seasons at the Broomfield Community Center. Other popular fall and winter offerings you’ll want to check out include pole walking, targeted weight training, and free Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day workouts!

At RockVue Apartments, we know you value your active lifestyle—that’s why our apartment community features a fitness center, bike repair room, regional trail, and more. Visit our website for more information about our apartments for rent in Broomfield, CO!


Styling Shelves and Bookcases

Shelves and bookcases are common and easy-to-use storage solutions for your apartment space. However, there is a difference between a bookcase or shelf crammed with items and a stylish display that enhances the interior of your apartment. Learning how to style your shelves and bookcases will add personality to your apartment while also gaining you the maximum benefit of these storage options.

Bookcases Are Not Just for Books

The first rule of styling bookcases is to remember that bookcases are not just for books! While books can be your primary focus, adding mementos, photos, and other decorative items to a bookcase display will help to prevent the “monotony” created by shelf after shelf of nothing but books. You can break up a bookcase by shelf, using alternating shelves for books and other items. Alternatively, you can “bookend” the books on each shelf with other items on one or both ends of the shelf. The items you display can be decorative or functional; bookshelves make a great place to show off a globe, vase, personal collection, or memorable souvenirs, but can also be used to store kitchen items, office supplies, photo albums, or even a convenient catchall basket, box, or jar.

Bookcases Can Be Just for Books

If you don’t like the idea of using your bookcases for storage or display of any items other than books, don’t worry. There are many ways to create a visually-appealing bookcase using nothing but books. One method of creating an appealing bookshelf is to sort your books by size and color. Start at each end (or alternating ends) of your shelves with the largest books, then work your way down to smaller sizes. You can also group books by subject, author, title, or any other ordering system you wish—simply follow the same rules of grouping like-sized and colored books together. Another appealing way to style your bookshelf is to intersperse your traditional vertically-stored books with small horizontal stacks of larger or smaller books. These stacks create small visual vignettes that help to break up the pattern of books in the case.

Shelves Should Pop with Color

Adding pops of color to bookcases and shelving is a wonderful way to inject life into your apartment’s décor. Shelves make a great stage for colorful vases, artwork, china or dishware, and flowers. One of the most popular current home décor trends makes use of your shelving itself as a pop of color. Use paint to color either the back wall of your shelves or the horizontal edge of each shelf with a vibrant color that stands out among the background. This technique draws the eye to your shelves while adding color to your apartment’s décor.

RockVue Apartments invites you to create stunning visual displays and vignettes in your spacious one- or two-bedroom apartment in Broomfield. We’ve filled each apartment with upscale finishes, an inviting floor plan, and plenty of amenities and features you’ll love. Please visit our website for more information or to contact us today about renting a trendy, modern living space in Colorado.

Try These Space-Saving Kitchen Solutions

Space in the kitchen always seems to be at a premium. Finding ways to save space, whether on your quartz countertops or in your high-end cabinets, will increase the functionality of this space as well as its visual appeal. Keeping your kitchen neat, clean, and clutter-free is the key to maintaining a usable space in which you’ll love to create meals and enjoy company.

Tension Rods

Tension rods are a great multipurpose space-saving solution in the kitchen. If you store cleaning supplies beneath your kitchen sink, a tension rod provides the perfect place to hang bottles, virtually doubling the amount of space in your cabinet. You can also hang utensils and measuring cups on a tension rod using s-hooks to eliminate clutter associated with these hard-to-stack items. Place tension rods vertically inside a cabinet to create the perfect space for cookie sheets, muffin tins, and other long, narrow items.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are another versatile solution that can be used throughout your kitchen to make the most of your storage space. Use lazy Susans in the pantry to store cans, bottles, and spices in an easy-to-access configuration. Lazy Susans can also be used inside your refrigerator to add even more storage space and prevent items from becoming “lost” at the back and expiring before they can be used. You can even use a lazy Susan to keep your kitchen cleaning supplies contained and organized.

Hooks and Shelving

Keeping your countertops clear will make your apartment’s kitchen feel even larger and more spacious. If you want to have items out on display, consider using hooks or shelving rather than your counters to store both functional and decorative items in your kitchen. Installing a single shelf for cookbooks or a few hooks on which to hang pots, pans, and utensils can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. You can also use shelves to store small appliances, such as your toaster, mixer, and coffee maker. Hooks can be placed inside cabinets or your pantry to hold hard-to-store items such as spare shopping bags.

Chalkboard or Bulletin Board

Because kitchens are frequently used for many daily tasks, paper clutter can easily accumulate. However, piles of paper are not only unsightly, they increase the risk that you’ll overlook or forget an important document as well. Hang a chalkboard or bulletin board (or both) on the wall to help keep notes and papers under control. You can tack up important documents and leave yourself a changeable to-do list on the highly-visible platform these space-saving solutions provide. You can add even more style by framing your chalkboard or bulletin board in a style that complements your apartment’s other décor.

Making the most of your kitchen’s space will improve the atmosphere of this central room while showing off the fine finishes you enjoy as a tenant at RockVue Apartments. Our Broomfield apartment community is pleased to offer high-end apartment features including wood plank-style flooring and stainless steel appliances. You can learn more about us on the web, where you’ll find additional information about our floor plans, availability, local neighborhood hotspots, and community amenities.

Conserving Energy and Water at Home

Conserving energy and water at home is a great way to reduce your living costs while taking a positive step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. There are many ways to reduce your power and water usage without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Keep reading to discover a few of the ways you can conserve valuable natural resources for an eco-friendlier apartment lifestyle in Honolulu.

Wash Full Loads

Whether you’re washing dishes or clothing, waiting until you have a full load before filling the sink or visiting the laundry center will help to conserve water. Washing full loads makes the best use of water, soap, and energy, reducing the overall impact of your lifestyle on the environment. Waiting until you have a full load before washing clothes will also save time by reducing the number of trips you take to your apartment community’s nearest onsite laundry center.

Use Power Strips

Power strips make saving energy easy and convenient. Many home electronics continue to use power even when switched off. This small power usage can add up over time, especially if you have a home stereo or theater system. Unplugging items such as chargers, televisions, and DVD players when they’re not in use will lower your monthly electricity bill as well as your overall energy usage. Plugging all these items into a single power strip that features and on/off function makes this process much more convenient—simply turn off the power strip to eliminate unnecessary power usage in your apartment.

Switch to CFLs

CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps, are an energy-saving alternative to regular incandescent light bulbs. These lighting options can be used in nearly any fixture that takes incandescent lights for a fraction of the energy cost. Depending upon the type of lamp, a CFL will use as little as one-fifth of the power required by an incandescent bulb. Additionally, CFLs don’t produce much excess heat, so your apartment will stay cooler and you’ll save money on your cooling costs as well. CFLs may cost a little extra upfront, but they’ll also last eight to fifteen times longer, meaning you won’t need to spend money on replacing your light bulbs as often.

Turn Off the Faucet

There are a variety of small ways in which you can reduce your water usage during everyday activities. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth or washing your face to save two to three gallons of water each time. You can also turn off the water while soaping up your hair in the shower to save an additional three to five gallons for each minute the water stays off. Other ways to conserve water at home include washing fruits and vegetables in a bowl, rather than under running water. Once you’re done, use the water for your houseplants to provide them with beneficial nutrients without using fresh water from the tap. If you prefer cool water to drink, fill a pitcher and keep it ready in your fridge. You could be wasting up to five gallons of water each time you wait for the water from your faucet to cool down enough to drink.

Waena Apartments is a Honolulu apartment community featuring one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartment floor plans complete with full kitchens, wood-style flooring, and spacious lanais. Our community includes a new playground, business center, fitness center, and seven on-site laundry facilities. You can check us out online to learn more about our location, availability, and commitment to resident comfort and convenience.