Try These Space-Saving Kitchen Solutions

Space in the kitchen always seems to be at a premium. Finding ways to save space, whether on your quartz countertops or in your high-end cabinets, will increase the functionality of this space as well as its visual appeal. Keeping your kitchen neat, clean, and clutter-free is the key to maintaining a usable space in which you’ll love to create meals and enjoy company.

Tension Rods

Tension rods are a great multipurpose space-saving solution in the kitchen. If you store cleaning supplies beneath your kitchen sink, a tension rod provides the perfect place to hang bottles, virtually doubling the amount of space in your cabinet. You can also hang utensils and measuring cups on a tension rod using s-hooks to eliminate clutter associated with these hard-to-stack items. Place tension rods vertically inside a cabinet to create the perfect space for cookie sheets, muffin tins, and other long, narrow items.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are another versatile solution that can be used throughout your kitchen to make the most of your storage space. Use lazy Susans in the pantry to store cans, bottles, and spices in an easy-to-access configuration. Lazy Susans can also be used inside your refrigerator to add even more storage space and prevent items from becoming “lost” at the back and expiring before they can be used. You can even use a lazy Susan to keep your kitchen cleaning supplies contained and organized.

Hooks and Shelving

Keeping your countertops clear will make your apartment’s kitchen feel even larger and more spacious. If you want to have items out on display, consider using hooks or shelving rather than your counters to store both functional and decorative items in your kitchen. Installing a single shelf for cookbooks or a few hooks on which to hang pots, pans, and utensils can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. You can also use shelves to store small appliances, such as your toaster, mixer, and coffee maker. Hooks can be placed inside cabinets or your pantry to hold hard-to-store items such as spare shopping bags.

Chalkboard or Bulletin Board

Because kitchens are frequently used for many daily tasks, paper clutter can easily accumulate. However, piles of paper are not only unsightly, they increase the risk that you’ll overlook or forget an important document as well. Hang a chalkboard or bulletin board (or both) on the wall to help keep notes and papers under control. You can tack up important documents and leave yourself a changeable to-do list on the highly-visible platform these space-saving solutions provide. You can add even more style by framing your chalkboard or bulletin board in a style that complements your apartment’s other décor.

Making the most of your kitchen’s space will improve the atmosphere of this central room while showing off the fine finishes you enjoy as a tenant at RockVue Apartments. Our Broomfield apartment community is pleased to offer high-end apartment features including wood plank-style flooring and stainless steel appliances. You can learn more about us on the web, where you’ll find additional information about our floor plans, availability, local neighborhood hotspots, and community amenities.


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