Styling Shelves and Bookcases

Shelves and bookcases are common and easy-to-use storage solutions for your apartment space. However, there is a difference between a bookcase or shelf crammed with items and a stylish display that enhances the interior of your apartment. Learning how to style your shelves and bookcases will add personality to your apartment while also gaining you the maximum benefit of these storage options.

Bookcases Are Not Just for Books

The first rule of styling bookcases is to remember that bookcases are not just for books! While books can be your primary focus, adding mementos, photos, and other decorative items to a bookcase display will help to prevent the “monotony” created by shelf after shelf of nothing but books. You can break up a bookcase by shelf, using alternating shelves for books and other items. Alternatively, you can “bookend” the books on each shelf with other items on one or both ends of the shelf. The items you display can be decorative or functional; bookshelves make a great place to show off a globe, vase, personal collection, or memorable souvenirs, but can also be used to store kitchen items, office supplies, photo albums, or even a convenient catchall basket, box, or jar.

Bookcases Can Be Just for Books

If you don’t like the idea of using your bookcases for storage or display of any items other than books, don’t worry. There are many ways to create a visually-appealing bookcase using nothing but books. One method of creating an appealing bookshelf is to sort your books by size and color. Start at each end (or alternating ends) of your shelves with the largest books, then work your way down to smaller sizes. You can also group books by subject, author, title, or any other ordering system you wish—simply follow the same rules of grouping like-sized and colored books together. Another appealing way to style your bookshelf is to intersperse your traditional vertically-stored books with small horizontal stacks of larger or smaller books. These stacks create small visual vignettes that help to break up the pattern of books in the case.

Shelves Should Pop with Color

Adding pops of color to bookcases and shelving is a wonderful way to inject life into your apartment’s décor. Shelves make a great stage for colorful vases, artwork, china or dishware, and flowers. One of the most popular current home décor trends makes use of your shelving itself as a pop of color. Use paint to color either the back wall of your shelves or the horizontal edge of each shelf with a vibrant color that stands out among the background. This technique draws the eye to your shelves while adding color to your apartment’s décor.

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