How to Design an Appealing Apartment Floor Plan

A new apartment is like a blank canvas, just waiting to be filled with furnishings, artwork, and other décor. Starting from scratch offers you a number of benefits, but it can also feel a little overwhelming when you aren’t sure how to lay out your space. Alternatively, when it’s time for an apartment refresh, redesigning the layout of a few key rooms can transform your apartment into a completely new and exciting space. Learning how to lay out your space in a way that is both functional and suits your personal preferences isn’t hard—check out the tips below to get started!

Measure Your Furniture

It may seem trivial, but placing furniture in a space where it fits is the first step in designing an appealing apartment floor plan. Placing pieces that are too large or too small in the wrong space can detract from the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Measure your furniture and the size of your room to get an idea of which pieces will work best in which spaces. Make sure you have one to two inches of room between the edges of couches and chairs and a corner or wall. Bookshelves can completely fill a wall if you’re going for a “library” look, but otherwise should have a few inches of clearance as well. Additionally, avoid placing a single small piece alone against a large wall—this can make your space feel stark and poorly-designed. Pair smaller pieces together or add artwork to fill up your wall space and create the perfect balance.

Draw a Floor Plan

Rearranging furniture endlessly can be a chore—instead, consider using free online or downloadable floor plan software to create the perfect layout without lifting a finger. You can also make your own floor plan on paper. Creating a virtual floor plan allows you to test out different furniture arrangements before you begin moving your furniture. You will need to measure both the dimensions of your furniture and the room you’re redesigning to make sure your model is to scale. When designing your floor plan, keep in mind that you should maintain a clear walkway to and from all entrances to the room, both for comfort and safety.

Pull Furniture Away from Walls

If you’re looking for a daring and appealing new type of furniture layout, consider centralizing your furnishings rather than pushing everything up against the walls. Placing couches and chairs around a central coffee table in the middle of the room can make your space feel larger and more accessible. You can easily leave one side of your configuration open to accommodate a television or entertainment center. Even if you don’t want to create a central furniture arrangement, consider angling couches and chairs to keep them from staying pressed back flat against your walls. This strategy can help you make use of otherwise “wasted” space in corners and give your living areas a more open and inviting feel.

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