Tips for a Cohesive Interior Design

Your apartment should be a unique reflection of your personal interests and style. While the possibilities for home décor are endless, following a few rules when designing the interior of your apartment will help your entire home feel like a cohesive whole. When each room flows easily into the next, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable in every part of your Oahu apartment home.

Choose Your Theme

The first step in designing any interior space is to choose your theme. A theme may consist of a set of colors, patterns, objects, or images you wish to use throughout your apartment’s décor. Classical themes utilize plush fabrics and traditional designs, while more modern themes focus on bold colors and sleek, minimalistic lines. You may wish to give your apartment a beach, island, or natural theme by incorporating your favorite natural elements as well. Try to choose a theme that you feel comfortable using throughout multiple rooms, as the key to a coherent apartment design is using similar elements in every part of your living space. Additionally, keep your color palette to five colors or less—the fewer colors you use, the more cohesive and harmonious your space will look.

Repeat Colors, Patterns, and Displays

Once you’ve found the theme you want to use, begin by designing your first room. As you complete the décor in this area, look for colors, patterns, fabrics, or other elements (such as artwork or decorative items) that you want to continue throughout your home. Using similar vases in every bathroom, continuing a your curtain pattern from one room to the next, or having a similar throw on your couch and your bed are all excellent ways to tie your apartment’s various rooms together. Remember that while you want to continue your theme from one area to the next, every single item in your apartment doesn’t need to match. Instead, use accessories and elements that are similar but not exactly the same to give your space a more organic feel. Incorporating one-of-a-kind items that still speak to the colors and patterns of your overall theme are a good way to ensure each room feels connected while maintaining its own individuality.

You can let your creativity flow when you choose the perfect one-, two-, three- or four-bedroom apartment at Waena Apartments. Each of our floor plans offers plenty of space for you to add personal touches, as well as wood-style flooring, solid surface countertops, and a complete kitchen. Take a look through the information on our website or, when you’re ready to discuss your lease, contact us online for availability and pricing.


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