Stay Prepared with These Apartment Essentials

Being prepared means the ability to handle any situation at a moment’s notice without stress. Making sure your apartment is prepared for anything from accidental spills to storms and power outages offers peace of mind while making tasks such as cleaning or assembling furniture much easier. Keep reading for a list of apartment essentials you should have at home in your Broomfield apartment today.


Even in an apartment community where you can enjoy onsite maintenance 24 hours a day, having a basic toolkit on hand in your apartment is a must. A personal toolkit makes hanging artwork, assembling and disassembling furniture, and any number of other small around-the-home tasks much easier. Your toolkit should include a hammer, both a flat-bladed and Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, and an adjustable wrench. Optional items include nails, screws, and a tape measure. Keep your tools in a designated tool box or container and make sure to put them away immediately after use to avoid losing them and requiring a full-scale search the next time you need a hammer.

Emergency Kit

A basic emergency kit can be a boon during any unexpected situation. Your emergency kit should contain a flashlight (and extra batteries), a basic first aid kit, extra medication for any family members or pets, water, nonperishable food, and pet supplies such as a carrier or leash. Other items you should consider for an emergency kit include a spare set of keys, a small disposable fire extinguisher, and an emergency blanket. Keeping these items safely tucked away in an easy-to-access location will ensure that you are ready to handle any situation, from a fire or flood to a scraped knee or a blackout.

Cleaning Kit

Unexpected spills can send you running to find your cleaning supplies before a stain sinks in. Keeping a small, self-contained cleaning kit in an accessible location can make addressing spills and other messes fast and easy. Your cleaning kit should contain spare cloths or paper towels, a broom or brush and dustpan, a sponge, and all-purpose cleaner. Feel free to expand your cleaning kit as you see fit to contain additional specialty items, such as a plunger, squeegee, cleaning toothbrush, or roll of trash bags. Having all your cleaning supplies in one location will make your regular cleaning chores much easier as well, especially if you opt for a carrier or container to move all your cleaning supplies easily from one location to another.

RockVue Apartments is a luxury apartment community offering plenty of square footage and storage for all your needs. You’ll also enjoy interior features that include upscale finishes, stainless steel appliances, and oversized garden tubs. We invite you to check out our website to view one- and two-bedroom apartment floor plans to find the perfect living space for your needs in the heart of beautiful Broomfield, CO.


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