Your Dog and Your Apartment Lifestyle

Nearly 50% of households—including apartments—own at least one dog in the United States. Whether you already own a dog or are considering adopting a four-legged companion, integrating your dog’s needs into your apartment lifestyle at RockVue Apartments doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Develop a Regular Schedule

The best way to ensure your dog is happy, healthy, and respectful of your apartment and your neighbors is to develop a regular schedule for feeding, playtime, and walks. Regular feeding times also translate in the need for regular walks, which can help to avoid accidents. Having a set time each day for walks and play can also help to control your dog’s energy levels and prevent loneliness, which will keep him from becoming destructive or loud due to boredom or excess energy. Sticking to a regular schedule also means less stress overall for your dog, resulting in a healthier and happier household.

Maintain Your Dog’s Health and Safety

Particularly in a shared living situation such as an apartment community, it’s important to keep your dog’s medical needs up to date. Visit your vet at least once a year to address any health needs, such as vaccinations or flea and tick control. This will ensure your dog is more comfortable in your home and safe to interact with your neighbors and their dogs. Additionally, make sure your dog wears identification and that his tags are up to date with your correct address and phone number. Even if your dog is microchipped, wearing a collar with tags will quickly alert neighbors that your dog is a pet who needs to be returned home if he ever wanders off.

Socialize and Desensitize Your Dog

Apartment communities can be loud, bustling places during the day. If your dog is unnerved or even frightened by these factors, talk to your vet about ways to socialize and desensitize your dog. Taking your dog for walks while there are neighbors around or visiting a dog park will help your dog feel more comfortable around other people and pets. Playing music or leaving the television on can help to desensitize your dog to everyday noises; there are also training options to help your dog feel more comfortable, so ask your vet for more personalized advice.

You and your pet can both enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle in your luxury one- or two-bedroom apartment at RockVue Apartments. Our pet-friendly Broomfield apartment community offers private garages, a regional trail, a dog wash, and an onsite dog park coming soon! Visit our website for more information about our floor plans, availability, rates, and location.


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