How to Light Your Apartment

The right lighting will turn your Honolulu apartment into a cohesive and comfortable living space. Whether you are just moving in or looking for a way to mix up the look of your apartment, adding or changing your lighting will transform the feel of every room. Keep reading for tips to help you give your apartment’s lighting a complete overhaul, from the kitchen to your bedroom and beyond.

Lighting Your Living Areas

The living areas of your apartment, such as the living room, dining area, and kitchen, are generally the spaces you use most. Thus, adequate lighting in these areas is necessary for both comfort and safety. Start with ambient lighting, which is designed to provide general illumination so you can see comfortably regardless of your activity level. Even if your apartment includes overhead fixtures, add lamps around the perimeter of your living spaces to ensure every area is well lit. In the living room, take care to position lights such that you can still see your television comfortably without creating glare. You should also make sure your entryway is properly lit to prevent slips or trips at night. Task lighting should be used in spaces where you need extra illumination for specific activities, such as reading in the living room and chopping or mixing in the kitchen. Under-cabinet mounted lights can be easily installed using adhesives to provide a little extra light—and flair—in your kitchen’s meal preparation areas. Finally, accent lighting can be used to highlight architectural or design elements by drawing attention to these unique features. Keep in mind that accent lighting doesn’t need to be bright to make a statement, just focused enough to catch the eye.

Lighting Your Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Unlike the main living areas of your apartment, the bathrooms and bedrooms are slightly more specialized rooms. However, these areas still need the right lighting to feel cozy, inviting, and functional. Bedrooms and bathrooms should also have enough ambient light so you can see the entire room clearly. Bathrooms in particular often benefit from additional task lighting near th0e mirror, which is where you likely spend most of your time. Wall-mounted lights or flexible desk-style lamps can provide the extra light you need for grooming tasks. In the bedroom, place a table and lamp on each side of your bed to provide easily-accessible task lighting for reading. If you want to add accent lighting to your bedroom or bathroom, consider string lights, lanterns, and other wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting options, which often work best in these smaller spaces. Make sure accent lighting is softer in the bedroom to enhance, rather than disrupt, this room’s relaxing atmosphere.

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