Giving Your Pantry a Refresh

A new year means new opportunities to keep your apartment fresh, bright, and organized. Kitchen and pantry spaces are some of the most frequently-used areas of your apartment—and often one of the most cluttered, as well. Your pantry can become a particular problem, since it’s easy to close the door and forget about the clutter within. This year, start January off right with a complete pantry refresh that will turn meal preparation throughout the year into a joy.

Remove Food Clutter

Food can create clutter, just like any other object in your home. The best way to begin a pantry overhaul is to remove everything from your pantry and set it out on your kitchen counters. Inspect each food item for expiration dates and throw away anything that is expired. Evaluate the remaining items and consider whether you are likely to use them by their upcoming expiration dates. Food you aren’t sure you want to use or don’t think you’ll utilize before it expires should be donated to a local charity or food bank, where it will do more good than taking up space in your pantry. When you do put your food back on the shelves, place items due to expire first at the front and duplicates or those that will expire later toward the back.

Refresh the Interior

Before you begin replacing your food in your pantry, give the interior a quick refresh. Use your vacuum and hose attachment to remove dust or debris from the shelves and give each shelf a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the look of your pantry, consider lining the back wall with wrapping paper or wallpaper and removable mounting squares to stylize the look of this space. Other ideas you can use to improve the functionality of this small space include adding hooks or mounting a chalkboard, dry erase board, or magnetic spice rack on the back of the door. If you’re looking for even more space-saving storage solutions, try adding a lazy Susan or risers to make food storage more compact and items easier to find.

Deal with Other Clutter

Now is a great time to take a look at the other objects cluttering up your pantry as well. Do you use this space to store shopping bags, kitchen gadgets, cleaning supplies, or other items? Take a moment to organize these items so they’ll be easier to find and more readily accessible. Cleaning supplies can go in a basket or caddy to keep them contained and away from your food to avoid contamination. Hang up aprons, dishtowels, or brooms and dust pans on hooks to save space on the floor and reserve pantry shelves for items that can’t be hung. If you have a collection of plastic bags that’s threatening to overflow, consider paring it down to only bags that are in good enough shape to be reusable (e.g., no holes) and contain them within a small trash can or plastic bin; recycle the rest to get them out of your apartment.

Your RockVue apartment includes a modern kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, and a roomy pantry for all of your storage needs. You can check out our one- and two-bedroom apartment floor plans on the web, or stop by our community for an in-person tour to discover the benefits of living the RockVue Apartments lifestyle in Broomfield, CO.


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