Check Out These Master Closet Organization Tips

A well-organized apartment shouldn’t stop at your closet door—maintaining a clean and organized closet allows you to easily visualize your wardrobe, making the task of getting dressed each morning easier and faster. Whether you’re planning a massive closet clean-out or are simply looking for a few simple ways to store your clothes in a more organized fashion, spending some one-on-one time with your closet can completely change the look and feel of this everyday space.

Group Like Items

One of the easiest and simplest ways to improve the organization level of your closet is to group like items together. Storing all your tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories by type will make it easier to coordinate outfits and find exactly the items you want, rather than requiring you to search through every item you own for a particular piece. The best way to organize most clothes is to hang them; using the right type of hanger for each type of clothing will help items stay on the hook and protect your clothing when it’s not being worn. Hooks, pegboards, and hanging shelves make it easy to store items such as scarves, belts, and other accessories, while shoe racks or cubbies will keep your shoes contained and matched by pair to reduce clutter and save time.

Use See-Through Storage

Storing out-of-season or little-used items in out-of-the-way spaces will further reduce clutter in your closet and keep these items free of dust until you need them again. However, it can be easy to forget which items you’ve stored when you need them, increasing the amount of time and effort spent searching your closet and raising the risk of accidental duplicate purchases. Using see-through storage solutions, such as cubbies or clear boxes, allows you to easily assess the items you’ve set aside for seasonal or other reasons. Alternatively, labeling boxes in an easy-to-read fashion can also help to minimize the time you spend searching for lesser-used accessories or other items.

Assess Your Wardrobe Regularly

Once your closet is organized, it’s important to take steps to keep it that way. Assessing your wardrobe once or twice a year can help you evaluate the number of times you wear your clothes and take steps to remove unnecessary items, such as clothing that no longer fits, items that have suffered damage or stains, and clothes that no longer mesh with your stylistic preferences. Rather than keeping these items in the areas of your closet that you use everyday, consider storing them in a bin or single area and reassessing them again within a few months. If you haven’t missed or worn any of the items in this area, donating them is a great way to lighten your own closet’s load while improving the quality of life for others in your community.

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