Enjoying an Eco-Friendly San Antonio Apartment

Sustainable living is a popular buzzword with many connotations. When you opt to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’re making a commitment to using available natural resources responsibly and taking steps to reduce your own waste generation. Today, eco-friendly apartment living is easy and enjoyable; there are several ways you can improve the sustainability of your lifestyle in San Antonio while continuing to enjoy the daily luxuries and conveniences you love.

Create a Charging Station

As technology continues to take center stage in many daily activities, chargers have also become commonplace items around the home. However, leaving your chargers plugged in when they aren’t in use can continue to drain electricity, increasing the total on your monthly utility bill and wasting energy that could go to other uses. Creating an apartment charging station is a simple way to keep track of your chargers and monitor your charging habits, reducing the chances of accidentally leaving a charger plugged in when it’s no longer needed. Using a single switched power strip to supply all your chargers not only reduces the clutter associated with chargers strewn throughout your living space, it also makes it much easier to simply switch off the power at the source when you’re done charging for the day.

Plant a Balcony Garden

Gardening is a wonderful way to bring nature closer to home; planting your own garden can also provide completely organic fruits, veggies, and herbs for your table. Apartment balcony gardening is a popular way to make use of outdoor living space that might go otherwise ignored, adding organic beauty to your patio or balcony that is decorative as well as functional. Using recycled or upcycled containers for your garden reduces waste and adds both charm and personality to this space, while collecting rainwater in a bucket or bin for watering can improve plant health by providing vital nutrients that might not be present in your tap water. If you’re an inexperienced gardener, consider starting with simple herbs for your first harvest; as you grow more accomplished, moving on to fruits and vegetables can be a rewarding experience that may even lower your weekly grocery bills.

Opt for Nontoxic and Reusable Cleaning Solutions

Using sustainable cleaning solutions is a simple way to make keeping your apartment beautiful an eco-friendly endeavor. Rather than purchasing myriad cleaning chemicals, a mixture of liquid dish soap and water can be used for most cleaning tasks, including maintaining your windows, your granite countertops, and your tile floors and tub or shower surrounds. Using microfiber cloths instead of disposable paper towels allows you to simply wash and reuse them when you’re through, rather than tossing out a wad of paper after dusting or cleaning interior surfaces and finishes. Other simple eco-friendly tricks include using ice to keep your disposal in good shape and combining vinegar and baking soda to keep your drains clear and clog-free, reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that are washed into local water sources.

At The Grand Estates at TPC, we believe that you can enjoy sustainable living without giving up the benefits of a luxury apartment in San Antonio. Our TPC apartments include a suite of energy-efficient features designed for eco-friendly living, including reflective roofing, double-pane windows, energy-efficient insulation, custom blinds, and ceiling fans. You can find out more about our dedication to sustainability and luxury when you stop by our website to explore our newly-renovated apartment floor plans.


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