Simple Tips for a Cleaner, More Organized Calgary Apartment

Cleaning and organization are some of the most important factors in maintaining a comfortable, open, and welcoming home. However, cleaning and organization can also become time-consuming tasks and are often the first activities you’re likely to put off when your schedule fills up. Following a few simple tips is all it takes to keep your apartment home in Calgary, AB, clean, inviting, and well-managed for a home that helps you relax in style at the end of each day.

Do a Five-Minute Clean Each Day

Deep cleaning your apartment every day isn’t necessary; however, doing a quick five-minute roundup each day can help you keep trouble areas under control, improving the overall look of your apartment and reducing the amount of time you do spend cleaning when you have time for longer sessions. When performing a quick five-minute clean, focus on areas such as your entryway, your countertops, and your dishes, which tend to pile up quickly and visibly, affecting the appearance and comfort of your apartment. Other short cleaning tasks to consider include sweeping or vacuuming, dusting a single room, or going through your kitchen junk drawer. Performing just one of these tasks each day is a simple step toward greater organization and a more comfortable home over the long term.

Sort Your Mail When You Get It

Because mail has a propensity to pile up, sorting your mail each day when you pick it up is an easy way to eliminate the clutter that can otherwise easily occur. Sorting through your mail as soon as you come in the door and taking actions such as recycling or shredding unnecessary documents and placing bills and other important mail in your at-home workspace will not only reduce clutter, but also lower the risk of losing important documents underneath a growing pile of unsorted envelopes. Along the same lines, set aside one day a week to check your bills and pay them as necessary, which can keep this stack from piling up and prevent late fees due to accidentally-missed deadlines. If you pay your bills online, take the time to stop paper delivery of documents altogether to conserve paper and prevent clutter.

Hang Up Everything in Your Closet

Your apartment’s walk-in closets make viewing your wardrobe easy and picking out your outfits a faster and simpler process. However, when your closet is disorganized and items are strewn about, you’re more likely to waste time looking for specific items and even accidentally mistreat clothing that needs special care or storage. Additionally, a messy closet can make your entire room feel messier, even when you put in effort to make your bed and keep other areas clean. Purchasing enough hangers to hang up everything in your closet makes this space feel neater and cleaner, while also protecting your investment in your clothing. If you need additional space, consider additional closet bars or hooks to provide the vertical storage you need to keep everything off the floor and easy to find.

Are you ready to discover life at the Met? The Metropolitan features spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments for rent in Calgary, complete with high-end finishes, en suite laundry, and walk-in closets to provide all the space you need for a comfortable modern lifestyle. You can find out more about our apartment community and local neighborhood on the web, where you’ll also find a link to our ebrochure and contact information for additional details.


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