Simple Tips for Organization in Every Room

A clean, organized apartment is a joy to enter and a relaxing, comfortable space where you can unwind and focus on work, hobbies, and the company of family and friends. The key to maintaining a clutter-free apartment is to implement simple organizational tips that are appropriate for each space in your home. While there are several universal techniques that will cut down on clutter and disorganization throughout your luxury apartment home, keep reading to discover a few room-specific tips you can use to put the finishing touches on your Lawrenceville living space.

In the Kitchen

One of the biggest sources of clutter in the kitchen is kitchen gadgets, such as coffee makers, mixers, blenders, and crockpots. A simple way to reduce kitchen clutter is to keep only the two or three gadgets you use on a daily or weekly basis on your counters, while storing the rest out of sight to pull out only as needed. This system will maximize your available counter space and keep your kitchen counters from looking too cluttered with unnecessary items; you can also use this system to assess just how often you do use your gadgets, and consider donating those you’ve found that you no longer use enough to justify storing. You can also use this technique to organize other items, such as pots, pans, and utensils, by separating those you use most from those you use only rarely. Going through your drawers every few months and pulling out the items you haven’t used at all can help to clear out more drawer space as well.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another common area for clutter to accumulate, but allow for amazing creativity in terms of easy organizational solutions. Items such as trays, jars, and even wine racks can make keeping small, loose, and mismatched items contained in a fun and stylish way that will encourage you to put items away when they’re not in use. Hooks and shelving are great space-savers in the bathroom, and allow you to create small visual vignettes using your everyday toiletries and gadgets that can turn your clutter into unique decor. Just as in the kitchen, it’s also important to periodically excavate the contents of your bathroom cabinets and drawers, separating out items you haven’t used, didn’t like, or that you might consider donating to save space. It’s also important to separate out older items such as sunscreen and makeup—these products should be discarded after one to two years.

In the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a comfortable and organized space that allows you to relax each night before and during sleep. The master closet is the perfect space to focus on organization and decluttering in the bedroom. Creating a storage system for out-of-season clothing will keep your closet from overflowing, making it easier to choose the perfect outfit each morning. If you have several items you aren’t sure you want to keep, set aside a small space in your closet for them and assess this space every six months. Each time you wear an item from this area, move it to the main portion of your closet. At the end of six months, the items that are still separate might be better off in the donation bin.

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