Keeping Your Luxury Apartment Organized

Once the whirlwind of spring cleaning is complete and you’ve committed to a less cluttered, more inviting apartment, the key is to maintain a clean and organized living space throughout the rest of the year. There are many tips and tricks you can use to keep your Nashville apartment organized every day, but it’s important to find a system that works for you and your space for the greatest convenience and comfort. Keep reading for a little inspiration you can use to start finding your own personal method of organization for smarter space usage and a stress-free home environment every time you step through the front door.

Store Items Where You Use Them Most

One of the key elements of any home organizational system is convenience. When the items you need are easily accessible, it will improve the efficiency of your everyday routine, which is the underlying purpose of good organization. While storage space in an apartment can be limited, organizing your items so they can be kept in the room where they are most often used will make it much easier to both find items and put them away when they are no longer needed. Additionally, knowing which items you want to store in each room can help you find creative ways of keeping them organized, such as using a shower caddy for cleaning supplies and a stylish outdoor storage bin for gardening supplies or extra cushions for your balcony furniture.

Invest in Tools You’ll Use

There is a wide variety of organizational tools available today to help you in your efforts to maintain a clean and organized apartment. However, getting the most from these products means choosing items and tools you are most likely to use, rather than purchasing items that will add to the clutter in your apartment, rather than eliminate it. Opt for boxes, bins, jars, and other storage containers that appeal to both your needs and your preferences—choosing storage and organizational solutions that fit with your existing decorative and personal style means you’ll be more likely to display them and use them every day.

Make a Commitment to Your System

Regardless of the tools and methods you use to keep your apartment organized, the key to a successful system is to use it. Rather than leaving items on counters and tables, make an effort to put them away when you’re finished with them, even if this simply means hanging your keys on a hook or putting your television remote in the basket designated for all your remotes and cords. Once you’ve established a habit of putting items away immediately, you’ll keep this practice up without the need to consciously think about it, reducing everyday clutter and cutting your longer cleaning days significantly. If you find that you’re having trouble sticking to your organizational system, take this as a sign that maybe it’s not the right solution for you and consider trying out some changes, such as creating a different home for items or adding storage in the places where clutter continues to accumulate.

The Flats at Taylor Place is a modern luxury apartment community in Nashville, TN, that offers you the amenities you want for a comfortable and convenient everyday living experience. From apartment features that include pantries, entry nooks, and stack washer and dryer systems to building amenities such as storage units, controlled access parking, and onsite recycling, you’ll love living with us in Historic Germantown. Please visit us online to learn more about our apartment layouts, rental rates, and availability.


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