Refreshing Spring and Summer Apartment Decor

Spring and summer bring with them warm weather, pleasant breezes, and long, sunny days that call you outdoors. These seasons are the perfect time to give your Nashville apartment a decorative refresh; just a few simple changes can help you take advantage of the natural light and warmth associated with these vibrant seasons.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

One of the most popular summer decorating trends involves bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside. This technique can help your apartment to feel as calm and serene as any natural retreat, and also boosts your mood, whether you’re working from home or spending a quiet night in. There are many ways to incorporate outdoor elements in your indoor decor, starting with wood, flowers, and other plant-based elements. Placing a few simple and stylish potted plants around your apartment can instantly revitalize this space; flowers and succulents work extremely well as large table centerpieces or small decorative accessories on an end table or even your home office desk. Wooden accessories are also a great way to enjoy the summer season in style, from wood baskets and boxes for organizing loose items to wood-framed photos and paintings. Found objects can add the perfect personalized touch to your space, such as shells, rocks, and even branches or twigs, which will really stand out on a bookcase, end table, or shelf.

Brighten Your Space

Lighting plays a vital role in your comfort at home; the right lighting can also help you create the perfect atmosphere that fits the style of your apartment space. Effective lighting can brighten your night and make your apartment feel more vibrant and energetic long after the sun has gone down. Modern lighting has moved far past simple lamps with standard shades—today, you can find lamps and shades in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, turning your lamps into decorative and stylistic statements that contribute more than just light to your home. String lights are another popular and personalized way to light your apartment; consider stringing a series of white lights across your bedroom ceiling or around your balcony, recreating the feel of a summertime boardwalk or fair. Lanterns are another great accessory that can refresh your outdoor living space, turning your balcony into the perfect spot to enjoy a drink or an evening snack on your own or with your family and friends.

Lighten Up Your Layout

While wintertime brings forth the desire to snuggle and get cozy, summer and spring are the perfect seasons to effectively spread out your furniture layout, creating more floor space in your apartment to evoke the cooling image of wide open spaces. To loosen your layout, focus on creating wide, clear footpaths through each room and allowing as much space as possible between larger furnishings. The warmer seasons are also a great time to highlight the view from your apartment’s amazing two-story windows with lighter window treatments and clear, unblocked views through the glass. You can create a sunny and appealing place to sit by using chairs or low seating to frame your windows for the perfect place to read or share an afternoon with friends..

The Flats At Taylor Place combine the modern, connected lifestyle you want with an apartment community that features the unique appeal of 1920s-style architecture and garden courtyards. You can find out more about our Downtown Nashville apartments and the amenities we offer, including granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and luxury wood-style plank flooring, when you click through our website or contact us for additional details and rental information.


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