Adding Big Style to Small Spaces in Your Apartment

Renting an apartment is the perfect opportunity to flex your personal sense of style. There are many ways to decorate and furnish your luxury apartment home to create a comfortable and customized living space, regardless of the amount of square footage you rent each month. Making the most of decorative tools such as color, texture, and layout can help you enjoy large-scale style in your modern Houston apartment home.

Focus on Functionality

Style works best when it is married with functionality, especially in a smaller space. As you prepare to personalize your apartment, focus first on the areas you use most and what you want from them. If you love to cook, choose kitchen gadgets and dishware that add life and color to this space; if you love to entertain, comfortable seating, convenient side tables, and stylish artwork for your main living areas should be your first priority. By choosing to begin with the areas you use most and building up your personal style with the items you’ll actually need, you will develop up a stylistic framework to use when adding details and decor in other areas of your home.

Incorporate Color and Lighting

Adding color to your apartment’s decor is a great way to also add vibrancy and personality, making each space feel personalized, welcoming, and inspiring. Brighter colors are great for small spaces because they can help to make your apartment appear larger; you can add color through large pieces, such as furnishings and window treatments, as well as small items, such as pillows, rugs, and tabletop accessories. Light also plays an important role in the mood and appearance of your apartment—there are several unique ways to use lighting and color together that allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for productivity, creativity, socialization, or relaxation. Adding ambient floor lighting near corners uses these areas to reflect light and increase the visual size of a room, while focused task lighting is essential in spaces where you plan to work or read. Keep in mind that while lighting should be functional, it can also be stylish; there are several different types of lamps and lights available, so shop around to find the fixtures that suit your needs as well as your style.

Take Your Time

While you may be inspired and ready to get started personalizing your apartment’s decor, it’s also important to keep in mind that finding the right style for you and your space can take time and experimentation. Each apartment is unique, and the items or styles that work in one space may not look as good in another due to its layout or other factors. Consider your apartment as a completely new, blank canvas, and work your way up from the most heavily-used spaces to those you see less often. Building up a personalized style using a combination of store-bought items and personal belongings, such as souvenirs, pictures, and artwork, may take time, but will be well worth the final results when you’ve created a living space that is completely your own.

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Enjoy Outdoor Living on Your Balcony with These Decorative Tips

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy everything your luxury apartment in San Antonio has to offer, including spending time outdoors on your private patio or balcony. Patios and balconies are often left for last in terms of furnishings and decor, but are the ideal focus for your summertime creative efforts to maximize comfort and convenience. Keep reading for a few simple tips that can take your outdoor living space to the next level for a sophisticated and relaxing day- or nighttime experience.

Add Color and Texture

Just like any other space in your apartment, your patio or balcony can benefit from the addition of color and texture through decorative details and accessories. Adding colorful cushions to your outdoor furniture or laying down a decorative outdoor rug or mat can instantly brighten this space to make it feel cozier and more inviting. If you have an outdoor table, consider purchasing a tablecloth, place settings, or outdoor-appropriate centerpiece to dress up this feature as well for a more sophisticated and finished dining space. Other great ways to add color and texture to your outdoor space include hanging durable artwork or using your favorite flowers and plants as decorative accessories to connect this space with the outdoor world around your apartment.

Focus on Comfortable Furniture

It can be tempting to skimp on outdoor furniture, especially if you don’t spend time out on your balcony very often. However, comfortable and inviting furniture is a valuable investment in your balcony, simply because it might encourage you to spend more time outdoors enjoying this additional area of your apartment. When your balcony becomes another room in your home, it expands your available living space, allowing you to get more from every square foot you’re renting. Today, outdoor furniture is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, allowing you to find the perfect fit in terms of style and comfort when furnishing this space. If you already have furniture and don’t want to invest in new pieces, focus instead on making simple improvements, such as adding cushions or blankets for a completely new look and a major boost in comfort.

Explore Your Outdoor Lighting Options

Lighting plays a vital role in the look and feel of any room, including your outdoor living spaces. Adding the right type of lighting to your balcony lets you enjoy this space well into the evening, whether you just want a place to relax or you need extra room for your next social gathering. Outdoor lamps are and ideal choice if you plan to use your balcony extensively, especially if you like to read or play games after dark. Alternatively, string lights, lanterns, and hanging lights create a whimsical and festive feel if you use this space primarily for socialization or meals. Tailoring your lighting needs to the way in which you want to use your outdoor space will make your balcony more functional as well as more stylish.

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Simple Strategies for a Cleaner Apartment in Half the Time

Keeping your apartment clean improves your mood and your quality of life, but finding the time to clean can be difficult or unappealing when your schedule is full. Fortunately, there are several simple strategies you can use to reduce the time it takes to clean your apartment, increasing the efficacy of every minute you do set aside for cleaning tasks. Not only can these tips help you enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable Nashville apartment, they’ll also help you save time so you can maximize your free time for relaxation and other leisure activities without compromising cleanliness at home.

Clean One Room at a Time

One of the main reasons that cleaning tasks can feel like they extend into infinity is the ease with which you can become distracted. When you leave the room you’re currently cleaning for extra supplies or to put items away, you’re likely to become sidetracked by additional tasks and leave the original room unfinished. The best way to avoid this issue is to clean one room at a time; before you get started, bring all the cleaning supplies you’ll need with you, including a garbage bag and a box to collect items that belong elsewhere in your home. By picking one room and sticking with it, you’ll work more methodically and efficiently every time you set aside a few moments to clean. If you’re particularly limited on time throughout the week, you can also select just one room to clean each day or each week, then work your way through your apartment and restart the cycle once you’ve addressed the last space.

Use Good-Quality Supplies

The right tools for any job will make that job proceed faster, including cleaning your apartment. Make sure you have ample cleaning supplies that are suited to your needs before you get started, such as microfiber cloths, cleaning solution, and a good broom, mop, or vacuum. Investing in good-quality supplies will mean you’ll spend less time scrubbing or re-cleaning areas you’ve already addressed, as poorer-quality supplies require more work and often a second or third pass to achieve the same results as better products. When vacuuming, sweeping, or wiping down windows and counters produces the visible you wants on the first try, you’ll feel more accomplished and enjoy your time spent cleaning more as well.

Clean from Top to Bottom

The order in which you clean each room or area can also make a difference in the amount of work required to achieve results. When you start at the floor and clean upwards, you’re likely to need to go over your floor again at the end as you brush dirt or crumbs from counters and tables back onto the floor. Similarly, when cleaning windows, tiles, and shower doors, cleaning from the bottom up means making a second pass to remove streaks or spots left when you clean the top of these areas. Starting from the top and working your way down is a much more efficient method of cleaning, regardless of whether you’re working in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the living room. Pick the highest point in any room to begin your cleaning tasks, then work your way to the floor and leave sweeping or vacuuming for last.

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Give Your Kitchen a Complete Refresh This Summer

The kitchen is one of the most frequently-used rooms in any home, but also one of the most easily neglected in terms of organization and decor. If your kitchen is feeling a little uninspiring for your tastes, refreshing this space with a few simple cleaning and decorative tips could be the perfect solution for a space that’s more personalized, more energetic, and more enjoyable.

Clear Off Your Counters
Showing off your apartment’s granite countertops is a great way to make your kitchen feel larger and more luxurious. Countertops are one of the first spaces in a kitchen to accumulate clutter, so take a few moments to consider every item you currently display and whether it’s truly necessary to leave out at all times. Paring down your appliances to just the one or two you use every day, such as a toaster and coffee maker, will help you counters look cleaner and your entire kitchen appear more organized and inviting. By storing the gadgets you use less often in cabinets and pulling them out only as needed, you’ll increase the amount of counter space available for daily meal preparation in addition to reducing clutter and disorganization in this space.

Dress Up Your Walls
Because counters and cabinets are often at a premium, using your walls is a great way to expand the amount of storage and decorative space available in your kitchen. Hanging a chalkboard, dry erase board, or corkboard is a simple way to put messages and important papers in your line of sight, keeping clutter off your table and countertops at the same time. Shelving and hooks are another great way to expand your available storage space—consider keeping your favorite dishware or cooking accessories out in plain sight, or organizing your cookbooks on a shelf for easier access without risking splashes, stains, or other accidental damage to these tomes.

Reorganize Your Food Storage System
The pantry and refrigerator are some of the true workhorses of the kitchen, and also some of the best places to put your organization skills to work for more efficient and more enjoyable meal preparation. Performing a complete cleanout of your fridge and pantry lets you start fresh with only foods that you are likely to use, making the most of your available space and preventing clutter from accumulating and making it more difficult to find the ingredients you want. When cleaning out your refrigerator or pantry, you should automatically separate items that have spoiled or are past expiration for disposal. Next, take a look at the items that are left, and donate or give away any that you aren’t likely to use. When placing items back into your fridge or pantry, group like items together and make sure you can see all labels and expiration dates easily; place items that expire first at the front of these storage spaces, allowing you to easily grab them and make sure they are used within their expiration date for fresher ingredients and fewer wasted items.

The Grand Estates at TPC feature spacious kitchens with granite countertops, under-cabinet lighting, and stainless steel appliances designed to make cooking and completing other tasks in this space a fun and enjoyable experience. You can find out more about our apartments for rent in San Antonio, TX, when you explore our website and check out our full list of apartment amenities, community benefits, and local hotspots. We also encourage you to contact us online or stop by in person to take a tour of our apartment community and see for yourself why you’ll love living with us.

Check Out These Master Closet Organization Tips

A well-organized apartment shouldn’t stop at your closet door—maintaining a clean and organized closet allows you to easily visualize your wardrobe, making the task of getting dressed each morning easier and faster. Whether you’re planning a massive closet clean-out or are simply looking for a few simple ways to store your clothes in a more organized fashion, spending some one-on-one time with your closet can completely change the look and feel of this everyday space.

Group Like Items

One of the easiest and simplest ways to improve the organization level of your closet is to group like items together. Storing all your tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories by type will make it easier to coordinate outfits and find exactly the items you want, rather than requiring you to search through every item you own for a particular piece. The best way to organize most clothes is to hang them; using the right type of hanger for each type of clothing will help items stay on the hook and protect your clothing when it’s not being worn. Hooks, pegboards, and hanging shelves make it easy to store items such as scarves, belts, and other accessories, while shoe racks or cubbies will keep your shoes contained and matched by pair to reduce clutter and save time.

Use See-Through Storage

Storing out-of-season or little-used items in out-of-the-way spaces will further reduce clutter in your closet and keep these items free of dust until you need them again. However, it can be easy to forget which items you’ve stored when you need them, increasing the amount of time and effort spent searching your closet and raising the risk of accidental duplicate purchases. Using see-through storage solutions, such as cubbies or clear boxes, allows you to easily assess the items you’ve set aside for seasonal or other reasons. Alternatively, labeling boxes in an easy-to-read fashion can also help to minimize the time you spend searching for lesser-used accessories or other items.

Assess Your Wardrobe Regularly

Once your closet is organized, it’s important to take steps to keep it that way. Assessing your wardrobe once or twice a year can help you evaluate the number of times you wear your clothes and take steps to remove unnecessary items, such as clothing that no longer fits, items that have suffered damage or stains, and clothes that no longer mesh with your stylistic preferences. Rather than keeping these items in the areas of your closet that you use everyday, consider storing them in a bin or single area and reassessing them again within a few months. If you haven’t missed or worn any of the items in this area, donating them is a great way to lighten your own closet’s load while improving the quality of life for others in your community.


The Grand Estates located at TPC San Antonio is pleased to feature newly-renovated luxury apartments in San Antonio, TX. Inside our one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, you’ll find amenities that include granite countertops, under-cabinet lighting, ceiling fans, and much more. You can check us out online for additional details, floor plans, and neighborhood information, where you can also download our ebrochure or access our resident login site.

Essential Moving Tips

Summertime is the most popular time of year to move into a new Houston apartment. If you’re planning a move this year, keeping a few essential moving tips in mind can make relocating easy, stress-free, and even fun. Knowing the best supplies to have on hand and the steps you’ll need to take during the move-out and move-in process will ensure that you’re prepared well in advance of moving day so you can enjoy every moment in your new apartment in Houston right from the start.

Choose High-Quality Supplies

The key to success in any area of life is possessing the right tools for the job ahead. While it is certainly tempting to reuse old cardboard boxes and purchase the cheapest packing tape available, choosing high-quality moving supplies can make a big difference during your upcoming move and any moves you may make in the future. Rubber bins or tubs are a great way to safely transport a wide variety of items, particularly if you expect rain or poor weather around the time you plan to move. These bins are also reusable without the damage that cardboard boxes incur, and can store out-of-season items or other belongings safely and conveniently between moves. If you opt for cardboard boxes, purchase new boxes from a moving store and consider the benefits of specialty boxes, such as boxes designed for dishware and glasses or hanging wardrobe boxes, to protect items during transport. When you buy good-quality boxes and tape, you’ll be able to keep your boxes in better condition if you do wish to reuse them in the future.

Remember Your Pet

Moving with a pet shouldn’t be stressful, but it will take some advance planning to ensure you and your pet are calm and comfortable on moving day. Regardless of whether you’re hiring movers or having family and friends help you move, it’s best to keep your pet confined to a single room in your old apartment during the hustle and bustle of moving day. Alternatively, bringing your pet to a day boarding facility or letting him stay with family or friends during your move will remove him from the activity of moving day altogether. Once you’re ready to move your pet, make sure you have his supplies handy in a labeled, easy-to-access container. Even if you plan to replace items such as your pet’s bed, toys, or food and water dishes after your move for a fresh start, don’t throw away the old items and purchase new ones until after your pet has been settled in your new apartment—the familiarity of his existing belongings can help to make the transition to a new home easier and smoother for your pet. Finally, consider keeping your pet confined to a single room in your new apartment for a few days, allowing him to acclimate to this new space while giving you the room you need to unpack and settle in. Introducing your pet to his new apartment home slowly will reduce anxiety for you and your furry friend.

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Apartment Landing Strips: The Basics

The area just inside your apartment’s door is one of the most likely spaces in your home to accumulate clutter and develop disorganization; it is also the first glimpse you and your guests get of your home when you enter through the front door. A landing strip refers to the area within a few feet of your front door—by creating a system that helps you organize your belongings and prevents clutter from developing in this space, you can keep your Calgary apartment’s entryway neat, clean, and appealing, regardless of the layout of your home.

The Key Components of a Landing Strip

Each landing strip is unique, but the design element that truly defines a landing strip is functionality. Your landing strip should be designed to meet your needs as soon as you walk in the door, such as providing a spot to drop your keys, a flat surface to place your mail, or a hook to hang your pet’s leash after walks. Because floor space is limited just inside your doorway, the best way to maximize the functionality of your landing strip is to use tables and wall-mounted tools such as shelves and hooks to keep items and the means to organize them off the floor. Shoe racks, coat racks, and umbrella stands are all great features to consider including in this area, while furnishings such as narrow benches or tables provide a space to sit or place items on your way in or out. Whenever possible, consider choosing furniture that pulls double duty, such as a bench that allows you to stack shoes beneath it or a table with drawers or shelves to provide even more storage space in a small area.

The Basics of Decorating Your Landing Strip

Just because your landing strip is designed for functionality doesn’t mean you can’t add style to this feature as well. While you don’t want your landing strip to appear cluttered, accessories such as rugs, plants, and artwork are all great choices for this space, allowing you to connect your landing strip to the rest of your apartment as a whole. Hanging a mirror is a great decorative touch that will not only brighten your apartment’s entryway, but provide a convenient tool to check your appearance on your way out the door as well. Colorful rugs or mats keep you from tracking dirt inside to protect your floors, while also warming your space visually and offering comfort underfoot. Lighting is also an important element to include in this space; a small decorative lamp or even string lights can provide the light you need when transitioning to and from your apartment in the early morning or late at night.

Renting an apartment is the perfect way to enjoy upscale living in your ideal location for less. The Metropolitan features pet-friendly apartments in Calgary that include one- and two-bedroom layouts with access to a wide variety of community amenities and perks. You can find out more about the benefits of being a Metropolitan resident, such as gated underground parking, controlled building access, elevators, and high-speed internet. Check out our website, floor plans, and contact us to schedule a tour of your new home.