Apartment Landing Strips: The Basics

The area just inside your apartment’s door is one of the most likely spaces in your home to accumulate clutter and develop disorganization; it is also the first glimpse you and your guests get of your home when you enter through the front door. A landing strip refers to the area within a few feet of your front door—by creating a system that helps you organize your belongings and prevents clutter from developing in this space, you can keep your Calgary apartment’s entryway neat, clean, and appealing, regardless of the layout of your home.

The Key Components of a Landing Strip

Each landing strip is unique, but the design element that truly defines a landing strip is functionality. Your landing strip should be designed to meet your needs as soon as you walk in the door, such as providing a spot to drop your keys, a flat surface to place your mail, or a hook to hang your pet’s leash after walks. Because floor space is limited just inside your doorway, the best way to maximize the functionality of your landing strip is to use tables and wall-mounted tools such as shelves and hooks to keep items and the means to organize them off the floor. Shoe racks, coat racks, and umbrella stands are all great features to consider including in this area, while furnishings such as narrow benches or tables provide a space to sit or place items on your way in or out. Whenever possible, consider choosing furniture that pulls double duty, such as a bench that allows you to stack shoes beneath it or a table with drawers or shelves to provide even more storage space in a small area.

The Basics of Decorating Your Landing Strip

Just because your landing strip is designed for functionality doesn’t mean you can’t add style to this feature as well. While you don’t want your landing strip to appear cluttered, accessories such as rugs, plants, and artwork are all great choices for this space, allowing you to connect your landing strip to the rest of your apartment as a whole. Hanging a mirror is a great decorative touch that will not only brighten your apartment’s entryway, but provide a convenient tool to check your appearance on your way out the door as well. Colorful rugs or mats keep you from tracking dirt inside to protect your floors, while also warming your space visually and offering comfort underfoot. Lighting is also an important element to include in this space; a small decorative lamp or even string lights can provide the light you need when transitioning to and from your apartment in the early morning or late at night.

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