Give Your Kitchen a Complete Refresh This Summer

The kitchen is one of the most frequently-used rooms in any home, but also one of the most easily neglected in terms of organization and decor. If your kitchen is feeling a little uninspiring for your tastes, refreshing this space with a few simple cleaning and decorative tips could be the perfect solution for a space that’s more personalized, more energetic, and more enjoyable.

Clear Off Your Counters
Showing off your apartment’s granite countertops is a great way to make your kitchen feel larger and more luxurious. Countertops are one of the first spaces in a kitchen to accumulate clutter, so take a few moments to consider every item you currently display and whether it’s truly necessary to leave out at all times. Paring down your appliances to just the one or two you use every day, such as a toaster and coffee maker, will help you counters look cleaner and your entire kitchen appear more organized and inviting. By storing the gadgets you use less often in cabinets and pulling them out only as needed, you’ll increase the amount of counter space available for daily meal preparation in addition to reducing clutter and disorganization in this space.

Dress Up Your Walls
Because counters and cabinets are often at a premium, using your walls is a great way to expand the amount of storage and decorative space available in your kitchen. Hanging a chalkboard, dry erase board, or corkboard is a simple way to put messages and important papers in your line of sight, keeping clutter off your table and countertops at the same time. Shelving and hooks are another great way to expand your available storage space—consider keeping your favorite dishware or cooking accessories out in plain sight, or organizing your cookbooks on a shelf for easier access without risking splashes, stains, or other accidental damage to these tomes.

Reorganize Your Food Storage System
The pantry and refrigerator are some of the true workhorses of the kitchen, and also some of the best places to put your organization skills to work for more efficient and more enjoyable meal preparation. Performing a complete cleanout of your fridge and pantry lets you start fresh with only foods that you are likely to use, making the most of your available space and preventing clutter from accumulating and making it more difficult to find the ingredients you want. When cleaning out your refrigerator or pantry, you should automatically separate items that have spoiled or are past expiration for disposal. Next, take a look at the items that are left, and donate or give away any that you aren’t likely to use. When placing items back into your fridge or pantry, group like items together and make sure you can see all labels and expiration dates easily; place items that expire first at the front of these storage spaces, allowing you to easily grab them and make sure they are used within their expiration date for fresher ingredients and fewer wasted items.

The Grand Estates at TPC feature spacious kitchens with granite countertops, under-cabinet lighting, and stainless steel appliances designed to make cooking and completing other tasks in this space a fun and enjoyable experience. You can find out more about our apartments for rent in San Antonio, TX, when you explore our website and check out our full list of apartment amenities, community benefits, and local hotspots. We also encourage you to contact us online or stop by in person to take a tour of our apartment community and see for yourself why you’ll love living with us.


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