Adding Big Style to Small Spaces in Your Apartment

Renting an apartment is the perfect opportunity to flex your personal sense of style. There are many ways to decorate and furnish your luxury apartment home to create a comfortable and customized living space, regardless of the amount of square footage you rent each month. Making the most of decorative tools such as color, texture, and layout can help you enjoy large-scale style in your modern Houston apartment home.

Focus on Functionality

Style works best when it is married with functionality, especially in a smaller space. As you prepare to personalize your apartment, focus first on the areas you use most and what you want from them. If you love to cook, choose kitchen gadgets and dishware that add life and color to this space; if you love to entertain, comfortable seating, convenient side tables, and stylish artwork for your main living areas should be your first priority. By choosing to begin with the areas you use most and building up your personal style with the items you’ll actually need, you will develop up a stylistic framework to use when adding details and decor in other areas of your home.

Incorporate Color and Lighting

Adding color to your apartment’s decor is a great way to also add vibrancy and personality, making each space feel personalized, welcoming, and inspiring. Brighter colors are great for small spaces because they can help to make your apartment appear larger; you can add color through large pieces, such as furnishings and window treatments, as well as small items, such as pillows, rugs, and tabletop accessories. Light also plays an important role in the mood and appearance of your apartment—there are several unique ways to use lighting and color together that allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for productivity, creativity, socialization, or relaxation. Adding ambient floor lighting near corners uses these areas to reflect light and increase the visual size of a room, while focused task lighting is essential in spaces where you plan to work or read. Keep in mind that while lighting should be functional, it can also be stylish; there are several different types of lamps and lights available, so shop around to find the fixtures that suit your needs as well as your style.

Take Your Time

While you may be inspired and ready to get started personalizing your apartment’s decor, it’s also important to keep in mind that finding the right style for you and your space can take time and experimentation. Each apartment is unique, and the items or styles that work in one space may not look as good in another due to its layout or other factors. Consider your apartment as a completely new, blank canvas, and work your way up from the most heavily-used spaces to those you see less often. Building up a personalized style using a combination of store-bought items and personal belongings, such as souvenirs, pictures, and artwork, may take time, but will be well worth the final results when you’ve created a living space that is completely your own.

At Alta West End, our apartment community features studio, one-, and two-bedroom luxury spaces for rent in Houston. When you rent with us, you’ll enjoy amenities that include pick-up service, air-conditioned building hallways, top-quality apartment finishes, and access to our clubroom, business center, fitness center, and pet-friendly grounds. We invite you to find out more about our apartment homes on our website, which features floor plans, a full list of our amenities, and much more.


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