Creating the Perfect Apartment Entryway

When you step into your apartment from the front door, the first space you see should feel personalized, organized, and welcoming. Your apartment’s entryway sets the stage for the rest of your home in terms of style and atmosphere, while also providing an area to shed jackets, shoes, and other items to keep the rest of your space clutter-free. Creating the perfect apartment entryway will ensure you always feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home from the moment you step in through your apartment’s door.

Personalize This Space

The key to the perfect apartment entryway is personalizing this small space to meet your needs. If you prefer to take off your shoes or set down your mail the moment you walk in the door, make accommodations for these actions with a shoe bench, side table, or mail holder for extra convenience. Organizational solutions such as hooks for your keys, purse, and pet leash will make these items easy to find and convenient to put away when you leave or enter your home. If you’re always looking for your phone or your charger, adding a charging station to your entryway is a great idea that will minimize time and frustration. In addition to making sure you have the tools to keep your entryway organized, it’s also important to add personal decorative touches to this space as well. A fun door mat, mirror, or piece of artwork will make your entryway feel like the first steps into a home that is truly yours. Other popular decorative accessories for entryways include potted plants, coat racks, and lamps. 

Keep Proportions in Mind

When choosing items for your entryway, it’s important to keep the proportions of this space in mind. Placing too many items or using furniture that is too big in this area can make your apartment feel cluttered rather than welcoming, even if the rest of your home features an open and inviting layout. Narrow benches, shelving, and tables are great for entryway spaces, providing the function you need without taking up excessive square footage. Hooks and wall-mounted shelving are also an ideal choice for this area, eliminating the need to sacrifice any space on your floor at all. Keeping both the furnishings and the decorative accessories in your entryway slimmer and more proportional for this smaller space will ensure that your entryway feels like a smooth pathway that guides you and your guests into the rest of your home, rather than a cluttered roadblock you must navigate to get in or out the door.

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