How to Design a Modern and Minimalist Apartment

Minimalist style focuses on reducing visual clutter through the use of clean lines and clutter-banishing organization to create an apartment space that focuses on the essentials. Regardless of the number of items you own, taking a few pointers from the minimalist style can help you find ways to keep your apartment looking neat, clean, and spacious for an inviting and stress-free living environment. Whether you are truly looking to subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle or you simply want to make your living space look more essentials-focused to keep messes controlled, there are several easy steps you can take to design a modern and minimalist apartment.

Focus on Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Minimalist style revolves around reducing clutter by keeping everyday items hidden or organized. Investing in furniture that can pull double duty as storage makes achieving this look easier by providing additional storage space for books, DVDs, remotes, and other items. When possible, opt for single larger pieces over several smaller furnishings, as this will also help to reduce the number of items in your apartment and keep the space feeling more open.

Organize Your Displays

Creating a minimalist apartment doesn’t mean hiding absolutely all your belongings. It’s perfectly fine to display items in a minimalist apartment—however, you’ll want to keep these vignettes and displays organized so they feel intentional, rather than cluttered. Shelving books by size or color and displaying artwork in a grid layout will allow your personality to shine through without overwhelming your space. Simple displays that use just a few items are often best in minimalist homes, so stick to the rule of three for the best results.

Opt for Clean Lines

Clean lines are a staple of minimalist décor. Rather than ornate furnishings, opt for items with cleaner, slimmer profiles that will keep your apartment feeling open and airy. If you want a softer look, consider tables and shelves with circular shapes or rounded edges, rather than straight-edged squares and rectangles. Materials such as light-colored wood, glass, and metal can help your space feel larger and cleaner by reflecting light and helping each room to appear brighter. Choosing furniture with thinner legs and a higher profile will also give the illusion of more floor space to take advantage of your apartment’s generous square footage.

When you rent an apartment at The Grand Estates at TPC, you’ll love the layout options available in our studio and multi-bedroom apartments in San Antonio. You’ll have all the space you need to create a personalized home with exactly the style you prefer, from minimalist and modern to cozy and eclectic. We invite you to check out our luxury apartment community online, or contact us to schedule a tour or inquire about our current availability.


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