Creating the Perfect Apartment Entryway

When you step into your apartment from the front door, the first space you see should feel personalized, organized, and welcoming. Your apartment’s entryway sets the stage for the rest of your home in terms of style and atmosphere, while also providing an area to shed jackets, shoes, and other items to keep the rest of your space clutter-free. Creating the perfect apartment entryway will ensure you always feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home from the moment you step in through your apartment’s door.

Personalize This Space

The key to the perfect apartment entryway is personalizing this small space to meet your needs. If you prefer to take off your shoes or set down your mail the moment you walk in the door, make accommodations for these actions with a shoe bench, side table, or mail holder for extra convenience. Organizational solutions such as hooks for your keys, purse, and pet leash will make these items easy to find and convenient to put away when you leave or enter your home. If you’re always looking for your phone or your charger, adding a charging station to your entryway is a great idea that will minimize time and frustration. In addition to making sure you have the tools to keep your entryway organized, it’s also important to add personal decorative touches to this space as well. A fun door mat, mirror, or piece of artwork will make your entryway feel like the first steps into a home that is truly yours. Other popular decorative accessories for entryways include potted plants, coat racks, and lamps. 

Keep Proportions in Mind

When choosing items for your entryway, it’s important to keep the proportions of this space in mind. Placing too many items or using furniture that is too big in this area can make your apartment feel cluttered rather than welcoming, even if the rest of your home features an open and inviting layout. Narrow benches, shelving, and tables are great for entryway spaces, providing the function you need without taking up excessive square footage. Hooks and wall-mounted shelving are also an ideal choice for this area, eliminating the need to sacrifice any space on your floor at all. Keeping both the furnishings and the decorative accessories in your entryway slimmer and more proportional for this smaller space will ensure that your entryway feels like a smooth pathway that guides you and your guests into the rest of your home, rather than a cluttered roadblock you must navigate to get in or out the door.

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How to Design a Modern and Minimalist Apartment

Minimalist style focuses on reducing visual clutter through the use of clean lines and clutter-banishing organization to create an apartment space that focuses on the essentials. Regardless of the number of items you own, taking a few pointers from the minimalist style can help you find ways to keep your apartment looking neat, clean, and spacious for an inviting and stress-free living environment. Whether you are truly looking to subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle or you simply want to make your living space look more essentials-focused to keep messes controlled, there are several easy steps you can take to design a modern and minimalist apartment.

Focus on Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Minimalist style revolves around reducing clutter by keeping everyday items hidden or organized. Investing in furniture that can pull double duty as storage makes achieving this look easier by providing additional storage space for books, DVDs, remotes, and other items. When possible, opt for single larger pieces over several smaller furnishings, as this will also help to reduce the number of items in your apartment and keep the space feeling more open.

Organize Your Displays

Creating a minimalist apartment doesn’t mean hiding absolutely all your belongings. It’s perfectly fine to display items in a minimalist apartment—however, you’ll want to keep these vignettes and displays organized so they feel intentional, rather than cluttered. Shelving books by size or color and displaying artwork in a grid layout will allow your personality to shine through without overwhelming your space. Simple displays that use just a few items are often best in minimalist homes, so stick to the rule of three for the best results.

Opt for Clean Lines

Clean lines are a staple of minimalist décor. Rather than ornate furnishings, opt for items with cleaner, slimmer profiles that will keep your apartment feeling open and airy. If you want a softer look, consider tables and shelves with circular shapes or rounded edges, rather than straight-edged squares and rectangles. Materials such as light-colored wood, glass, and metal can help your space feel larger and cleaner by reflecting light and helping each room to appear brighter. Choosing furniture with thinner legs and a higher profile will also give the illusion of more floor space to take advantage of your apartment’s generous square footage.

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Enjoy the Warm Weather with These Houston-Area Hikes

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and extensive daylight hours of the summer season. The Houston area is rich with amazing landscapes and popular hiking spots just a short distance from your luxury apartment. Keep reading to discover a few of the best hiking opportunities in the Houston area, whether you’re a casual hiker or an experienced trailblazer.

Memorial Park Purple Trail

The Memorial Park Purple Trail is a great beginner’s hike that begins and ends in a paved parking lot with public restrooms for your convenience. Memorial Park is located near the intersection of I-10 and I-610, and the Purple Trail is a 2.5-mile outer loop that encircles four additional trails in the park’s trail system that cross or connect with the Purple Trail if you want to extend your hiking experience. This easy trail takes hikers through local woodland; you can learn more about the local flora at the nearby Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, which hosts its own two-mile hiking trail, the Houston Arboretum Outer Loop.

Lake Houston Wilderness Park North River Trail

Lake Houston is located on the San Jacinto River, just a short drive northeast of the downtown Houston area. Created in 1953, today the Lake Houston reservoir sits inside the 4,786-acre Lake Houston Wilderness Park. The North River Trail is a seven-mile out-and-back trail that hikers can reach via the Peach Creek Loop and the Forest Trail. Along this trail, you’ll walk through the area’s popular pine woods and can even hike all the way down to the river, where the shore is a popular spot for observing local wildlife.

Armand Bayou Trails

Located on 2,500 acres near NASA’s Johnson Space Center is the Armand Bayou. Hikers interested in enjoying one of the area’s last unchanneled bayous can combine the Martyn Trail and the Karankawa Trail for a three-mile hike that includes walking through the deeply wooded areas and along the water’s edge. The Armand Bayou Nature Center, which works to conserve the area’s natural beauty, hosts a variety of programs and events you may want to check out while you’re in the area, including guided canoe trips and pontoon boat adventures.

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Enjoying an Energy-Efficient Apartment in Lawrenceville This Summer

An energy-efficient apartment lifestyle is an easy goal to strive for, even during the warmest summer weather. By reducing your apartment’s energy consumption, you can reduce your own financial commitments while also taking steps toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. There are several simple ways you can enjoy greater energy efficiency without sacrificing style or comfort in your luxury apartment in Lawrenceville.

Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Using a fan to boost your air conditioning’s efficiency is a great way to reduce your home cooling costs while instantly improving your comfort. Ceiling fans lower the perceived temperature in any room, allowing you to leave your thermostat set just a little higher for energy savings; running your fans on a milder summer day might even allow you to leave the A/C off completely without compromising on personal comfort. However, it’s important to keep in mind that ceiling fans only improve your comfort while you’re in the room—if you’re planning to leave a room for more than 20-30 minutes, turn your fan off to save electricity for even greater efficiency.

Add Sheer Curtains

Light, gauzy curtains are making big waves in current home decor trends, and they’re also a great way to reduce the amount of incident sunlight during the day to keep your apartment cooler. Window treatments that feature lighter fabrics can help to block direct sunlight without significantly compromising the amount of natural light your apartment receives, allowing you to make the most of long, sunny summer days without raising your indoor temperature uncomfortably. Sheer or light curtains also work well at night, blocking out some of the surrounding light while letting cooler breezes through on nights when you sleep with the windows open.

Cook with Your Microwave

Microwave cooking is a fast and easy way to prepare almost any meal—it’s also a great way to save energy and maintain cooler temperatures inside your apartment during the summer. Cooking on the stove or with the oven allows heat to escape into your apartment, which must then be offset by your cooling system, requiring additional energy. Microwaves can prepare food without adding heat to their surroundings, making this simple appliance a great solution that can also cut down on meal preparation time and effort.

Replace Your Lightbulbs

While traditional incandescent lightbulbs have undergone several improvements to increase their energy efficiency, they still create heat as a byproduct of light production when you switch them on. Swapping out incandescent for CFLs or LED lights can help you save energy on two fronts—first, by reducing the amount of energy your apartment’s lights require after dark, and second, by minimizing or eliminating heat production to lower the demand on your cooling system. CFLs and LEDs do represent a larger initial investment in terms of product price, but they’ll also last much longer than your incandescent bulbs as well, reducing the number of times you’re jolted out of an activity by a burned-out bulb.

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Prep for Fall with Fun and Functional Apartment Lighting

Good lighting plays a key role in the appearance and atmosphere of your Nashville apartment. The right lighting can add ambiance, personality, and fun, while also helping to reduce your monthly bills through greater efficiency. Today, there are a wide variety of ways to light your apartment, from accent lights meant to add depth to functional lighting solutions that increase comfort and productivity in your living spaces.

Mix and Match Your Light Sources

Lighting adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any room, which is why it’s important to use a variety of light sources for the best effect. Mixing and matching light sources, such as overhead lights, table lamps, candles, track lighting, and standing lamps, creates depth and texture in your apartment’s living spaces that will make each room more appealing and comfortable. When you mix your light sources, you’ll also be able to focus more light in the areas where it’s needed, such as desks or reading nooks, and spread ambient light where focused light isn’t necessary, such as your dining area or couch.

Choose Efficient Lighting

Efficient lighting offers several benefits, including a smaller carbon footprint and lower monthly energy bills. Today’s efficient lighting options are also designed to last much longer than traditional lightbulbs, helping you to get more from each purchase. Replacing traditional bulbs with energy-efficient lighting products such as CFLs or LEDs can provide long-lasting light that uses only a fraction of the energy required by an incandescent-style bulb. Some efficient lighting products even offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to turn your lights on or off from any room in your apartment or even a different location entirely for complete customization, convenience, and safety if you’ll be returning home after dark.

Use Lights as Accessories

Lighting can offer more than simple functionality—your lights can also become your decorative accessories, blending in or standing out from your decor to create the effect you want. Once you’ve developed a style for each room in your apartment, choosing lamps that fit this style will help each space feel more complete. Options such as lanterns, sconces, and string lights can turn your lighting into accent pieces; depending on the lights you use, they can contribute either sophistication or whimsicality to a room for exactly the look you want. Adding string or tube lights to bookcases and shelves allows you to highlight the items out on display in a subtle yet effective way. Candles are a popular way to add warmth to any space, particularly during parties and meals, and make excellent centerpieces or tabletop accessories both indoors and outdoors.

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