Prep for Fall with Fun and Functional Apartment Lighting

Good lighting plays a key role in the appearance and atmosphere of your Nashville apartment. The right lighting can add ambiance, personality, and fun, while also helping to reduce your monthly bills through greater efficiency. Today, there are a wide variety of ways to light your apartment, from accent lights meant to add depth to functional lighting solutions that increase comfort and productivity in your living spaces.

Mix and Match Your Light Sources

Lighting adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any room, which is why it’s important to use a variety of light sources for the best effect. Mixing and matching light sources, such as overhead lights, table lamps, candles, track lighting, and standing lamps, creates depth and texture in your apartment’s living spaces that will make each room more appealing and comfortable. When you mix your light sources, you’ll also be able to focus more light in the areas where it’s needed, such as desks or reading nooks, and spread ambient light where focused light isn’t necessary, such as your dining area or couch.

Choose Efficient Lighting

Efficient lighting offers several benefits, including a smaller carbon footprint and lower monthly energy bills. Today’s efficient lighting options are also designed to last much longer than traditional lightbulbs, helping you to get more from each purchase. Replacing traditional bulbs with energy-efficient lighting products such as CFLs or LEDs can provide long-lasting light that uses only a fraction of the energy required by an incandescent-style bulb. Some efficient lighting products even offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to turn your lights on or off from any room in your apartment or even a different location entirely for complete customization, convenience, and safety if you’ll be returning home after dark.

Use Lights as Accessories

Lighting can offer more than simple functionality—your lights can also become your decorative accessories, blending in or standing out from your decor to create the effect you want. Once you’ve developed a style for each room in your apartment, choosing lamps that fit this style will help each space feel more complete. Options such as lanterns, sconces, and string lights can turn your lighting into accent pieces; depending on the lights you use, they can contribute either sophistication or whimsicality to a room for exactly the look you want. Adding string or tube lights to bookcases and shelves allows you to highlight the items out on display in a subtle yet effective way. Candles are a popular way to add warmth to any space, particularly during parties and meals, and make excellent centerpieces or tabletop accessories both indoors and outdoors.

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